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TV: Lost was again a little frustrating for me... being a late-comer on the scene, I was still focused on catching up via internet when the previous season was actually airing, making this the first time I've actually watched the show on TV. And I can tell you, after going through the first four seasons like a sprinter on her way to a gold medal, being rationed to 40 minutes per week is a shock to my system. Being accustomed to watching a minimum of three shows in a sitting and experiencing the positive deluge of information, plot twists, and confusing revelations that that usually entails, I feel like things are kind of crawling along presently. At least this episode showed how they will deal with the Heroes issue of having too many main characters bouncing around -- it looks like they may be alternating episodes between island and not-island folks. I can approve of that, so long at they promise to move things along by feet and not inches because of it... However, *spoiler alert!!* I loved seeing Desmond and Penny happy, enjoyed the development of Faraday's plot-line -- I'm growing quite attached to him -- and had something of a psychological seizure when Widmore was revealed as an Early Other. (It makes sense now, but did anybody see that coming? Cuz, I was blindsided...) So, I'm not complaining about the pacing tooooo loudly.

In other TV news, a new Office-esque (but NOT spin-off!) comedy is in the works for 2009, starring Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler, but set in the Department of Parks and Recreation. Um, ok? Sounds... confusing. A female version of Michael, but bureaucratic, and outside a lot? Errr, sure. Actually, I hope they hurry up on that, now I really want to see what the heck that would look like...

Film: Are y'all ready for Veronica Mars on the big screen? To quote Paste, "When Veronica Mars was on its game, it had banter like Bogart, youthful sleuthing like Encyclopedia Brown, catty teen politics like My So Called Life, California beachfront snobbery like The O.C. " So true, and so well put! We wait breathlessly for this newest installment, and put the time to good use with a letter-writing campaign.

Dear Screenwriters:

Logan + Veronica = win. Have a heart and fix what you screwed up in the third season please. As for an FBI Veronica... don't do it. Kristen Bell is going to look 16 for the rest of her life, or at least until she turns 40. The whole thing would morph into a tear-jerker about the poor little thing trying to make people take her seriously, until in a last-ditch but ultimately successful effort to win everyone over, she finds herself forced to do something outrageous, like dismantle a ticking bomb Jack-Bauer style, or wrestle a rabid bear while herself locked in handcuffs. And then the audience wouldn't take her seriously, and would go back to watching their youtube user-generated promos of unfulfilled fantasies for season four (where you will also note the trend: Logan + Veronica = win). Please don't do that to Veronica. She deserves better.

A Faithful Fan.
P.S. Yes, I am responsible for those brownies outside your door this morning. You may consider them a bribe.

Music: The new Bird & the Bee album only got a lukewarm review from Paste, but I like Inara George's voice so I'm enjoying streaming the tracks posted here. It's engaging light listening even if it isn't earth-shattering, and I actually like it a lot better than Inara's solo stuff.

Free Stuff For Grown-Ups: I have some fun free-and-legal MP3 downloads for y'all this week! Steve Martin is coming out with a banjo album, believe it or not, so check out that fun here (you have to log in to Amazon for that one). Depending on whether you agree that he pulls it off or not, I think this and the books he's written might qualify him as a Genuine Modern Renaissance Man. Next, a Gnarls Barkley download at 3hive, because who would turn that down? Finally, for an interesting, poignant download from Nigerian artist Asa, be sure to check out the Discovery Download on iTunes this week.

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  1. Lost is blowing my mind. Only 29 episodes left! How are they going to answer all of my questions with only 29 episodes??? And I'm totally with you regarding Desmond and Penny. I really hope nothing happens to them, because I'm just so happy that they're finally together!


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