Flight of the Conchords lifts off for season two...

An episode of the Flight of the Conchords we all know and love just wouldn't be complete without a poignant song about the delicate aspects of organic toothpaste designed for women... or the excitement of Mel heading an irate mob.... or the drama of Maury estranged from the guys and living in his car... or the sight of Bret and Jemaine smeared in pastel body paint and emerging from massive tubes of toothpaste. Perhaps you are personally of the opinion that your life would still be complete without that last one, but you'll probably come around to my way of thinking after an early viewing of the "premier" here. Quotes around premier, because what they really mean by that is "an episode in the same vein as always, to start off the new season!" It's great nonetheless, though if you are previously unacquainted with the exploits of these two New Zealand (illegal?) imports -- as they wander vaguely towards a big-time music career accompanied by their faithful agent Maury and their stalker/fan Mel -- initially you may have your doubts. But as long as you aren't expecting high-speed car chases or fast-paced dialogue, you'll probably be won over by this zany, albeit somewhat spaced-out, series -- and I'll tell you now, any scene with Mel is pretty much guaranteed to be priceless.

Note: In this episode, you have my permission to skip past Maury's song, because he just goes on and on like a bad 80s movie and that just isn't my thing... Otherwise, knock yourself out!

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