A Frenzy of Taxation

Recently I discovered that, up until a few weeks ago, a certain peer of mine didn't know what a W-2 was. (??!!) (I love you unnamed dear friend!! I just think its kind of impressive...)

Anyway, for your tax-season pleasure, I have compiled some useful links.

First, everyone look here for an explanation of the tax brackets to gain a clearer understanding of the workings of our tax system... and then please tell me if you don't think there ought to be another bracket in between 32,500 and 76,000? That's a rather ludicrous gap in my opinion, one that might easily mean the difference between juggling to break even and having a beach house... I exaggerate of course, but still...

Then, if your income is under 56,000, go here to find links to free online federal filing.

To qualify for free state e-filing in the state of Georgia, your income must be under 30,000. Check that out here.

I've used TurboTax in the past, and it was great. Clear, easy, thorough -- it took all the Big Bad out of Tax Preparation. I used it for free before, but I'd probably even pay for it just for the peace of mind... And with online filing, you get your tax return back so fast! Well worth it.

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  1. Hehe, I know who that friend was! Last night she asked about taxes and I told her that she just has to read your blog to find out! I love Turbo Tax too.


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