Holy mackerel, music just got a little more interesting again...


In a surprising new twist in the world of music, the former frontmen of Switchfoot and Nickel Creek have combined forces in a two-man-band going by the moniker of Fiction Family, and producing a sound that wouldn't have been previously expected from either. Though primarily upbeat, catchy pop, their songs are musically complex (a banjo here, a piano there) and lyrically thoughtful, showcasing a fearlessly sensitive side and a sense of humor. Fans of M. Ward pay special attention to track 6, "War in my Blood."

Curious? Elated? Visit their website and join their email list to download a track free, or check out the whole album, streaming here until its release on the 20th.

And then buy tickets for their Atlanta concert appearance at the Variety Playhouse on the 29th. Hallelujah, after what feels like months, good music has returned to Atl! If you have concert-hunger and/or money burning a hole in your pocket, also note the Andrew Bird, Lucinda Williams, and Anthony and the Johnsons shows upcoming... it would be hard to go wrong with any of those.


  1. you are so cute. i love this blog.

  2. i JUST read that myself on another site... its sad how excited i was ...

  3. This is awesome - thanks! Always great to have some new music, especially such a good combination from two great bands. :)


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