Is Lost just wandering aimlessly...or searching for a definite but unknown destination??

A metaphysical distinction worth pondering, yes, but also a question pertaining to my second favorite love-hate relationship (the first being Paris Hilton, and her new BFF, which I hate to love, but also love to hate...). For clarity I shall rephrase my question thus: What on God's green earth is going on with Lost this season????? Sure, sure, maybe you're one of the uninitiated who likes to laugh at the obsession, or maybe you just caught a bad episode or two or sixteen and have good reason to despise it. I'll admit it, there's plenty of fodder for mockery in Lost and many of us regularly wonder if they're just making each episode up as they go along, perhaps aided by a temperamental six year old with a hyperactive imagination... but its also pretty much CRACK so if you're one of the addicted then you're indubitably waiting on the edge of your seat to find out what's up next. I mean, that last episode, with all the weird flash-forwards of regret and confusion, and people unexpectedly dead and other ones unexpectedly alive, was pretty much designed to leave the poor innocent viewer with serious withdrawals (or a serious migraine, depending on your metabolism) just when you thought they were finally going to get off that dang island and be happy.

If perchance too much Christmas pudding has clouded your memory, check out this review of the upcoming premiere for a tantalizing refresher on all the drama and suspense, and a peek at what we can expect... but no need to worry about finding out more than you wanted to know, because the reviewer is a true believer (with the complex combination of warring doubt and faith that that often implies) and knows better than to commit spoiler sacrilege.

T minus six days and counting. In the mean time, check out previews here.

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