Mailbox fun... samples straight to your door!

Did anybody else have that Free Stuff For Kids book that came out each year, and had lists and lists of things you could write away and request "for free or under a dollar"? I got a ton of stuff from that book, stickers, paperdolls, vegetable seeds (never sprouted), little bead kits... I've always loved getting stuff in the mail. So, this next list isn't so much a money-saver as it is a free way to get some fun stuff in the mail, and try a few new products, and sure, maybe save a buck here or there.

Free samples:
Cream of Wheat:
Yogi tea:
Bear Naked granola:
Soy Joy bar:
Tide Total Care:

I'm careful to make sure that any links for 'free' items seem to check out, and only participate when they are established companies and the samples are clearly available from their main websites. Its really pretty much a public service... we're helping the postal service stay in business!

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