Oh Lost, how we do love thee...

Lost airs again tonight, and I for one am looking forward to some further elaboration. Not that I felt like we got any last time... right now I'm afraid that Lost might experience the problem that has dogged Heroes -- too many characters, too little time in an episode to advance the plot. The premiere was a hugely tantalizing teaser for me, but I don't feel like we really had much forward motion. Except that I'm a little more willing to buy the island "disappearing" if they're going full-out time-travel with it.

For a little Lost fun as you're waiting for the episode tonight, check out this great review of the premiere at one of my favorite new blogs.

Also watch this savory slideshow of the "enduring mysteries" of the show. Whenever I start getting a big head, and thinking I understand what's going on, I'm going to go look through this slideshow for a nice healthy dose of the inscrutable reality.

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  1. Am so glad I stumbled here. You have a great place and would absolutely love to entertain you at my lil place sometime. :)


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