Lost Addendum: Is Penny Dead?? (and boardgames)

Ok, I was done with Lost until next week, honest, but just now my roommate and I were discussing the last episode and she had a very provocative question. Is Penny dead? I had been wondering about the beaten-and-blood-stained Ben myself but hadn't remembered to make the connection to his earlier threats aimed at Widmore. So, did he actually try to avenge Alex's death by murdering Penny? And even more pertinent... did he succeed? Ben was aware that Desmond was in the city after running into him in the church -- did that innocent momentary encounter prompt the "business" Ben said he had to take care of?

Then while clicking around the Lost wikipedia article (discovering that there is indeed another season coming -- !! -- for some reason I had thought this one was the last and am very pleased to discover that I was mistaken) I discovered that there's a Lost boardgame. I am wondering two things. Is it amazing in a convoluted and nearly mystical way, or just wearyingly complicated and rather illogical? Cuz it could go either way... But even more importantly, is anybody up for a game night??

Edit: I found Paste Magazine's review of this last episode too, if you're curious for more. I feel like the reviewer and I watched it with pretty much the same mind-set...

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  1. Hey Sarah, Saw your comment to Dera about having a blog. I'll enjoy reading yours I am sure. Hope to see ya around Westside this Sun!


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