Lost: Lotsa Locke

*spoiler alert* Hmmm I wasn't quite as edge-of-my-seat for this last episode of Lost -- I mean, we already knew more or less what was going to happen, with John dead and the Oceanic 6 disbelieving... Also, I've never really liked Locke as much since that time he beat on Charlie and got all weird about Claire, so I'm just going to be less invested in an episode solely devoted to him. But oh well.

A lot of viewers seem to be emerging from this episode with unexpected positive feelings, or even actual liking, for Charles Widmore. But I refuse to join in... I just don't trust either Ben or Widmore, though actually Widmore the least of the two if you come down to it. Penny is terrified of him. At least Ben actually loved his daughter...

One of my favorite Lost bloggers (Rocks in My Dryer -- check her out!) was hypothesizing that the focus of the show is developing into a power struggle between Ben and Widmore, but I disagree with that somewhat. With Widmore only just beginning to play an integral role, I think that the island really is the defining factor, and that Ben and Widmore are sort of little ants trying in vain to be in control, and causing a lot of furor in the process. Don't forget the whole Jacob/Claire/Christian thing... so far as we can tell, they are separate from Widmore and Ben entirely. I'm still waiting for Claire to pop back up somewhere, all eerie and vacant eyed...

Finally... Ben killed John. How does that work when the last few episodes we've seen him seemingly aware that John was to play the part of Christian (implication presumably being, "and come back to life") on the return to the island? If he was aware of that aspect, it makes the motivations for the murder even more of a brain-teaser for me.

What do y'all think???


  1. I have to say, I wasn't into this episode of Lost. I will say that maybe there is a difference to the island in killing yourself and being killed. Perhaps if John had killed himself, he couldn't go back.

    I don't trust Charles or Ben. And I really don't understand why any of the characters doesn't just stop and say "Will someone tell me what the h*ll is going on with this island?" Seriously, no one has asked that yet. If I were one of the Losties, I would be demanding answers!

  2. I think you are right - Widmore can't be truly "good", but maybe not all bad either. And I am totally perplexed as to why Ben would kill John and then bring him aback along with the rest back to the Island. If he knew he was going to come back to life, I can't make heads or tails of it.
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. oh man, i had to avert my eyes mid-way through since i haven't seen that episode yet!! haha....whew, that was a close one.


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