Moving Blues...

It appears that my roommate and I will be moving shortly, into what feels like our backyard, but is actually a much cheaper apartment, the complex of which bumps up against our backyard. Handy, eh? Well, it would be, but for the tall tall fence separating us from it... Due to its uncompromising and unhelpful presence, we're still going to have to pack up and rent/borrow some form of truck, even though we're moving a grand total of (as the crow flies) about 100 yards. C'est la vie!

Moving stresses me out hardcore. Presently my plan for moving consists of:
1. Organizing
2. Packing
3. Executing actual move.

As vague and seemingly common-sense as that approach sounds, I'm rather worried that I'm just going to be stuck on Item One indefinitely. As quickly as I organize one stack/drawer/box, of items/material/paper, another pile seems to appear. Aghhhhh! I have resolved to eliminate this problem somewhat by packing said stack/drawer/box immediately after it is organized, but as some things are in daily use and really can't be packed yet, I don't know how successful this plan will be.

Have I mentioned that I'm awful at packing? Last summer, moving into this apartment, was the first time I actually had to fill boxes and transport furniture -- having lived in the same house during the whole of my childhood, my few moves up until that point predominately consisted of throwing a few suitcases and a desk-lamp into my car and driving the few miles to my new dorm room, and then (post-college) a mile further to my first apartment... So, this is definitely only my second attempt at a full-fledged, civilized, my-apartment-has-furniture type of move.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice, let me know. I need it.


  1. Packing for a move is also a good time to purge. Don't hesitate to throw things out--start a donation pile immediately. Or, if you aren't sure you should throw something out, put all those items in the same box. If months go by at the new place and you haven't retrieved the item, you know you can let it go. Good luck!

  2. Parting with craft supplies is always hard. But you are so nice to donate the stuff you won't use. May I suggest a local Girl Scout troop or Head Start program? They can always use the supplies. If it helps, don't think of it as you getting rid of stuff...really, you are making a gift to others who will really appreciate getting those supplies. Think of all the budding artists you'll be helping! :)

  3. Although it won't be a long move, make sure to label your boxes! That way, your helpful friends can at least put them in the right rooms for you, saving you the confusion and extra labor of moving them around your house. Also, Ms. Thriftie, scrounge boxes from as many people as you can, including friends, neighbors, parents, parents' friends, grocery stores (those strawberry flats are great!), warehouses, etc. Once people know you need boxes, you will probably end up with far more than you need! But they are helpful, even if you just reuse a few for several small trips.
    Good luck! Moving is a challenge, but it's also an opportunity to clean, organize, purge (as your friend Amanda said above), and reinvent your style and decorate anew!


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