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Yesterday I went back to watching TV at work and upped my productivity by at least 30-45%... Its just too boring for me to be able to concentrate on file after file unless part of my brain is distracted from the tedium. So, I have a few updates:

Lost: **spoilers warning** This last episode fulfilled all my expectations... I think it did a great job reestablishing the different tensions and dynamics and moving the story progression forward. I was glad to have a couple of my hunches confirmed with Jin's reappearance (though pretty much everybody knew that one was coming... except my roommate who was very genuinely mourning his tragic demise) and the revelation that Ben was the one behind the vampiric lawyers vanting Aaron's blood. I also loved seeing the young Danielle, and that tie-in, though now that I'm thinking about it makes that whole storyline even more tragic... And oh Sawyer, it's fine to become friends with Juliet and let her play therapist on you (God knows you can use it...) but please don't fall for her. That would just be all kinds of backwards. My dominate emotions at the end of the show were: concern for the nose-bleed bunch, and curiosity as to how/when Charlotte and the psychic-guy were on the island previously, and sadness at the battle-hardened version of Sun. Lovin' the Lost! :P

Hereoes: As skillfully as Lost has hooked me back in, Heroes seems to be trying to do the opposite. This past episode seem primarily designed as a transition, so I haven't completely given up hope... However they're going to really have to make Peter buck up and be a man and Claire shut up and stop being stupid, or they're going to lose me altogether. Still keeping my fingers crossed for Syler's redemption -- they killed their best storyline when they had him revert to evil this last time. Back and forth, back and forth... I'd hate to be behind the show's writers in line at a restaurant, because I'm sure they'd take forever to decide what they wanted. Note to self, when looking at what appears to be a drawing showing the future, don't say, "Oh look, that's us. What's that weird dot on your neck?" Say, "DUCK!"

Fringe: Weird and wiggy as ever. Though in one of the last episodes, a dude turned into a porcupine and it was just kinda stupid and sad, and not actually freaky at all. Lately they have also been relying heavily on the whole "use-the-tank-to-remember-John-Scott's-memories!" trope (dude, they've used it so often, it feels like a trope). It's about time for the characters to stand on their own feet and have their own revelations for pity sake. John Scott has been dead since like the third episode, even though the producers have obviously regretted the decision ever since... Finally please let him rest in peace! I still recommend that you skip this show all together, unless you looooove gory mysteries seemingly birthed after a mating of The X-Files and CSI. Or of course, unless you had a mad crush on Pacey during Dawson's Creek and want to relive the palpitations. I've never been a fan of any of those shows, so I only watch Fringe when I am very, extra, impressively, bored at work.

The Office: Question one. Have there been a lot of chase scenes this season? I feel like there's a lot of running and screaming lately... Question two. When did Jim start being a bit of a goody-goody? I wish he would stop being a wet-blanket and fan the flames of Crazy the way he used to... Question three. Did you feel really attached to Michael, though in a I-still-want-to-hit-him kind of way, at the end of the Roast episode? I thought it harkened back to the endearing days of "When I grow up I want to have lots of children so I'll always have friends..."

My Name is Earl: Goodbye to Joy, Crabman and Earl's illegitimate sons? Say it isn't so... The episode with Joy's toe a while back made me laugh harder than anything in modern media history... and if you've seen it, you know exactly what I'm talking about. So yeah, no leaving the show y'all.

Life: Still no new episodes. Did they cancel this one and not tell me? Please no? Cancel Fringe instead how about... *EDIT* Turns out I just had the night wrong -- a new episode was posted today after all. (WHEW) As always, I enjoyed it -- the show is one of my favorites. Its one of those rare rare things, a detective show that actually can be funny and have intelligent dialogue in addition to solving creepy and/or impossible crimes with class and pizzaz. Plus, the star, Damian Lewis, looks eerily like Steve McQueen, and that's kind of awesome.

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  1. Hi, Sarah! Lost was good this week. It seems like it was a hurry-up-and-wait situation with the plot for a while, but now things are just speeding forward. I could still do without Charlotte, though.

    Sadly, I am done with Life. It was interesting to me for a while, but now my desire to see it is far outweighed by all the other things I want to do.

    I'm with you on Earl. It is definately must-see TV in my house!


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