Fabulous Freebies for a Dreary Tuesday...

Today has a very gray and lethargic feeling to me... so I figured I'd lively up your day with some fun free stuff.

Part 1: Invitations for a party in your mailbox!

For all of your er... fiber needs, forget apples and oatmeal and other things that involve chewing... drink pink lemonade! That's what Kelloggs wants you to do anyway, and as dubious as it may seem, if you're curious you can request a sample here.

For free stuff for *coughcough* girls only, look here. But believe me guys, you don't have to be jealous of this one...

Shampoo samples are great to take on overnight trips... Check out this sample of Dove Heat Defense Therapy shampoo/conditioner, and skip all those bottles when packing next time.

You can apply that same ease-of-travel logic to this free sample of Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash... I forsee silky smooth in your near future...

Part 2: Downloadable frivolity and glee:

Go here to download some really adorable animal bookplates -- I love the vintage look! The whole of Sweet Jessie's blog is really a wealth of beautiful craft and decorating ideas, so be sure to do some clicking over there.

Lastly, check out this free Amazon download of a whole CD of medieval chant choral music... there are some beautiful pieces, and of course the (lack of) price is right. If something a little more modern is your cup of tea, check out this MP3 from the Decemberists on the blog Muruch. As is usual with them... its kind of bizarre.

If you haven't yet requested your free Ted's Montana Grill burger, make sure you don't miss out on it! My boyfriend and I had a delicious and highly affordable dinner out the other night courtesy of the "contest," so it's very much on my mind at the moment. :P

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