Free MP3s - Oren Lavie & Sufjan + Rap

If you're active in the blogger-sphere then you probably have already seen the amazing human stop-start-action music video for Oren Lavie's "Her Morning Elegance" (if you don't know what I'm talking about then right click now and find out... you'll be ever so glad you did). So imagine my delight when I found the song currently available for free on amazon! "Elegant" is a good way to describe this track, with the understated vocals gliding over a melody that seems to become more upbeat even as you begin to catch the poignancy of the lyrics. With lines like, "she fights for her life as she puts on her coat, and she fights for her life on the train," this dreamy piece will be especially powerful for anyone who has come through depression and perhaps still remembers a little too vividly the determination needed just to get through each day.

Ok so, do you like Sufjan? Do you like rap? What about the two... together? (I bet you didn't see that that coming!) If you're intrigued, then check out the host of free downloads on the "mixtape" Illinoize available here. I'll tell you now, you may just be impressed in spite of yourself... it's definitely Sufjan like you've never heard him. I'm still a little indecisive myself -- needs a lil more of Sufjan's vocals maybe? -- but I think I might love it. Haha! Give it a listen! I need feedback on this one y'all...

Lastly, check out iTunes' current Cancion de la Semana -- it has a great reggaeton beat that will make a nice addition to your "working out" or "cleaning the house" mixes. And yes, I'm aware that the lyrics of most raeggaton, if I could only understand them, would probably make me blush and glare... so I count myself lucky that the Spanish is way too fast for me to catch, and I can enjoy the tunes in peaceful ignorance.

Download away folks! And have fun. :)

Edit: Also just in -- apparently you can get the Bible free on the Amazon/Kindle site right now. Check it out!


  1. Love the video! Thanks for linking to it. I saw it a while ago, but never knew what or who it was. Now I have the song!
    And I'm a big fan of reggueton music, so I like la Cancion de la Semana from iTunes a lot!

    Thanks, love the blog! Keep up the good work! :)


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