Freebies to Start the Weekend Off Right

Guess what! Tomorrow (Saturday) is free ice cream day at Bruster's! You might ask what is required of you in exchange for a waffle-cone full of no-cost deliciousness? Why just a little public humiliation of course. That's right, it's a pajama party at Bruster's and you're invited. When I was growing up my family never ever would have missed PJ weekend -- the whole family made our robe-and-slippers-clad way to Bruster's every year quite faithfully. One random weekend when we were especially sugar-starved, our family planned out a whole scam of how we were going to show up at the ice cream shop in our PJs and pretend to be confused about the day, in the hopes that the scooper-people would take pity on us and sneak us a couple of cones... Planned, but never enacted -- we kept our self-respect that far anyway. It's a fun little event though, especially for kids and/or sugar-addict adults with a high embarrassment threshold, so check it out!

Animal lovers, now it's your turn! Get a sample of Greenies' Dog or Cat Food here. You eat healthy, why shouldn't your pet?? I hope I hope I hope I'll have a cat soon... keeping my fingers crossed...

If you've got highlights or other hair coloring than this next sample is for you -- it's L'Oreal "Ever Pure" shampoo, a "sulfate free color care system" designed to protect your color from fading and stripping. I've liked some of L'Oreal's other color-protecting shampoos, so I dare say
the advertising might even be true...

Enter this "contest" for a free burger at Ted's Montana Grill! Vegetarians, y'all can go ahead and skip this one... I give you permission. But being a huge fan of Ted's myself, I have a hard time imagining any omnivores being like, 'eh, that's not so exciting...' though I'm sure non-vegetarian Ted-haters are out there somewhere just the same. I like Ted's a lot for the food, but also enjoy them for the environmental aspect, getting a huge kick out of the powdered soap, non-plastic straws, and toilets with the flush-options. It kind of feels like playing in an exhibit from "Future Land" at Disney World. But yeah, whatever your motivations are for liking Ted's, this is a great promotion!

Lastly, for the Bible-reading, Christ-following readers, here is a great page of free Christian audiobook downloads. I'm not particularly familiar with the one featured for this month, but there is material from NT Wright, Charles Spurgeon, and John Piper offered as well, so I'm pretty sure you can find some worth-while listening.

That's all for this week! Have some fun with freebies to start your weekend off right. :)

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