Kreativ Blogging Award!

Hurray! A little over a week ago, Frugal Dr. Mom was really sweet and honored me with a Kreativ Blogging Award. As one of the first frugal bloggers I ever stumbled across, Frugal Dr. Mom has always impressed me as a Thriftie extraordinaire. Thank you for the encouragement Dr Mom! It means a lot. :)

How this award works is that each awardee must pass it on to six other bloggers, as well as sharing six things that she loves. Blogging can certainly be impersonal, so this is a great opportunity to lend a personal touch, while giving some of your favorite sites a shout-out. It made my night when I saw Dr. Mom had awarded one to me -- and I'm really excited to pass it on. It's hard to choose six... I have literally dozens of blogs "funnelling" through my google reader, and I enjoy and benefit from all of them. But I'll give it my best go.

Things I love (in no particular order and by no means all-encompassing):

1. Green tea, mojitos, gingerbread, sushi, or french fries
2. Traveling to all manner of new places
3. Old-school Mario, team-trivia, and game nights
4. Cooking... the more adventurous or exotic the recipe the better...
5. Coupon-ing, finding deals, and feeling like I have more control over my finances
6. Words (this is a cheating way of encompassing "writing," "blogging," "reading" and possibly even "twitter" in one fell swoop)

Kreativ blogs (DITTO!):
1. Casablanca -- Dera has an inexhaustible ability to make me laugh... Plus, I'm inspired by her healthy/green emphasis. I swore off Splenda just because once in passing she (humorously) mentioned it negatively. Not even kidding... I value her opinion that highly. Now she's raising 25 chicks in her urban backyard, and I'm excited to be along for the ride... she's really great!

2. The Martha Initiative -- To quote her site, "The Martha Initiative is what happens when one regular woman tries to become a domestic goddess." From shopping, to decorating, to cooking, Amanda can more than keep pace with Martha Stewart! In fact, Martha better watch out, because Amanda is a lot more fun and very capable of sweeping the world by storm.

3. Lizzy's Language -- Lizzy keeps her readers updated on deals and recipes, while interspersing her posts with encouraging notes and funny stories about her kids. At the beginning of this month she posted some reflection about choices and how hard they can be... It was what I needed to hear at that precise moment, and I appreciated it a lot!

4. Rocks in My Dryer -- I couldn't not mention Shannon, she's practically a legend! I love hearing about her life, faith, and of course perspectives on Lost... Funny, engaging, and bright, this one is a can't-miss.

5. Blue Castle -- First I thought this blog was great because it's name references one of my favorite LM Montgomery books... then I thought it was great because of the fun, upbeat writing and wealth of amazing crafting/decorating ideas. Currently Sarah has me desperately wanting to buy up spray paint and thrift store light fixtures and make them into gorgeous works of art -- so cool!

6. Condo Blues -- Lately I've been loving this one... The tagline really says it all: "Green Frugal Living that's Big on Style and Small on Budget" Fun, motivational, and basically touching on most everything I'm inspired by these days... Can't go wrong.

Congratulations y'all, on blogs that I find inspiring, creative, engaging, and fun. :) I'm just one lil person down South on a laptop... but I know I speak for a lot of others! And I know you know it too.. but I figure it's always nice to hear again.


  1. Taking the world by storm??? OMG you are too kind. Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you, Sarah! You're so sweet, but a picasso, I am not. :) Thank you again. :)

  3. congrats! always feels good getting recognized :)

  4. sarah! so sweet! thank you! i feel bad about the splenda remark... i never pass real judgement on others' food choices, as i just poured green dye into everything we ate yesterday (st. patty's day). or the creepy visiting leprechaun did anyway. were i more up on blogging awards, i'd have surely chose you too (as we gaze into each others eyes).


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