Lost: A love octagon and shenanigans in the past

*mad spoilers* Oh crap! This episode of Lost was crazy. And unexpected. And so good. Sawyer et al are trapped in the past, part of the Dharma project, and experiencing the three years of time just like the Oceanic 6. And Sawyer and Juliet are together??? I kind of want to cry foul, based on the fact that now we've romantically paired Juliet, Kate, Sawyer, and Jack basically every single way possible (barring Kate/Juliet and Sawyer/Jack, which seems unlikely even for Lost). Forget love triangle, this is like a love heptagon or octagon... I'm not even sure what that would be. Only... from the little we saw, Juliet and Sawyer genuinely seemed to have a healthy, affectionate relationship. And we really haven't seen very many healthy relationships in this show -- not even Rose and her husband, who after a lovely, promising beginning of mutual understanding and support, seemed to develop a downright distaste for each other that they manifested in grappling for power and petty bickering. So, I think I just switched allegiance from Kate to Juliet. Or rather, I'll be honest, my allegiance has always been for Sawyer's redemption and happiness, and I've switched to hoping that he can find that with Juliet rather than Kate. Especially after Kate's little drop-by-Jack's-for-a-lil-somethin'-somethin'-and-then-rush-off-without-a-word routine. Whatever happened to Aaron, it 1) better have been entirely out of her hands and 2) had better have been pretty traumatic to justify her behavior, or I'm going to lose all patience with her. I'm still upset about Aaron's disappearance too by the way -- any theories on where's he gotten to (please God, let him be all right...) are very welcome.

So. The Losties are trapped 20 years in the past. Will this whole season be set in the by-gone Dahrma initiative? How will they get back to the proper place in time? Will Sawyer and Juliet stay together? What's been happening to Locke, and where's Sun and Ben? Is a child-Ben running around the island currently, and can two Ben's exist in the same place at the same time?? Am I missing any other hugely glaring questions for the moment? And what did y'all think of this episode? *whew* Time for some sunshine and green tea, I need a break...


  1. I'm with you wondering what the Lostie's trapped 20 years in the past will do to the "present". All of this makes my head hurt sometimes. I can't keep track of it all - but I love trying.

  2. I am hoping that Aaron is with Claire's Mom, since she was in LA during all this. But what about Sun and Jin's little girl? Shouldn't the kids be back on the island, too?

  3. Hey there! Thanks for popping into my world today. Fun to find another LOSTIE!

    OK, so if you scroll back to a few of my 3TTT's posts (3 things this Thursday)...you'll see that my Lost recap and theories are always #1 of the 3!

    I'll try to touch upon a few of your questions...

    Whatever happened to Aaron

    I think that Kate might have brought him to Claire's "mum"

    and where's Sun and Ben?

    I am pretty sure that Sun was the woman that Ilana (sp) told Locke about who took off in one of the three boats with Lapidis (pilot).

    Ben is injured at that Dharma station (remember last week when Caeser brought Locke to it....and when Caeser asked Locke if he knew him, Locke said "He is the man who killed me"

    Or rather, I'll be honest, my allegiance has always been for Sawyer's redemption and happiness, and I've switched to hoping that he can find that with Juliet rather than Kate.

    yeah, in a perfect world...LOL...but we all know that Sawyer is gonna go for Kate again now that she is back.

    OK,.....until next week....and thankfully no more nosebleeds! Come visit me again!


  4. I love this episode. I love getting back to the folks on the island. I'm with you. Anything Sawyer is good for me. The cleaned up version is good, but I'm missing dirty/angry Sawyer. I'm also glad all the nose-bleeding is done with.

  5. Thanks for keeping me up to date in the world of adult (not Cartoon Network) TV! BTW, I have given you the Kreativ Blogger Award! Come on by to my page!

  6. for some reason I was signed in with my son's google acct. Davy did not comment ooing and aahing over Sawyer. It was me, his mom. Sorry about that. It still won't let me change the id. Just thought this disclaimer makes it a little less weird...
    Jen @ pjs til noon

  7. I vote for love octagon like the Dharma logo. You know because _everything_ on Lost has a hidden meaning.


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