Quiet... blessed quiet.

To my embarrassment, I have now posted twice in a row regarding Lost... I swear, I do write about/think about/enjoy more than just Lost!! :P However, lately for some reason I've been on a bit of an overload... due probably in part to a hectic couple of weeks at work and then to several other areas of life that temporarily had deadlines or expiration dates attached to them. I think (fingers crossed!) that all the urgent ones are dealt with, so hopefully nothing is lurking forgotten behind a corner waiting to jump out at me any time soon. In any case, throughout that busy, scrambling week, I found that I just didn't have very many extra words available -- to the point that I tweeted maybe once a day, and both my facebook and gmail statuses were BLANK. If you know me... that's just downright weird! However, the quiet was nice. And it was nice to just let myself be quiet too.

I've done a good bit of thinking lately about trying to simplify my life, and about narrowing down my priorities to the point where I can focus on some of them and maybe even feel like I'm progressing in a forwardly fashion. I will hopefully do some posting about my thoughts in the days to come... And it will not involve Lost. Um, unless it does, in which case, what's a girl to do?? ;)


  1. yeah, i'm with you on the simplifying life thing... what does that look like exactly? how do i do it? but it sure feels good to take a break every now and then.

  2. yep, I like to sit and watch a movie as much as anyone, but I hate just sitting and watching random tv endlessly. I just feel gross. Isaac LOVES it. I totally had to work on my attitude after we got married and get so that I understood that he really needed some time to unwind and not do anything, and that that is OK, just different than me! :)


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