A Saga of Moving: Snow and Appreciation

My roommate and I were unlucky enough to have our moving weekend be one of the most inclement that Atlanta has seen in a while... beginning with rain off and on Saturday, followed up by a generous serving of slushy snow and high winds on Sunday. For a while it was even storming and snowing simultaneously -- a phenomenon of "thundersnow" that created a bit of a twitter-buzz among my friends. The whole weather situation was doubly frustrating for me because not only did it get in the way of the moving thing, but on the rare occasion when it snows here my top priority is supposed to be a good long walk and some snowballs to toss, and the circumstances made that impossible. Grrr. To rub it in even more, my neighbors were out all day in full force, building impressive snowmen of shapes and proportions rarely seen in the South. By Sunday evening, those things were everywhere! If I were worried about an arctic invasion of some kind, I would have been nervous about the appearance of so many sentries... but as things were, I was too busy hauling the contents of my old apartment to my new one to give them the proper appreciation.

I owe a huge thank you (Thanks guys!) to those who were helping us with all that hauling, cuz without them my roommate and I would likely still be out there wrestling with furniture now. We finished within a few hours, thanks to their help, though things are still all jumbled up in the new place three days later. Getting ready for work Monday required an elaborate search just to find the bare necessities, such as shoes and the coffeemaker... my alarm clock has yet to surface, to my deep distress. I may or may not have been late to work this morning... I plead the 5th.

Rambling and snow-distracted as this post is, it's designed to be part 1 dealing with the saga of moving -- both the general drama, and my own particular experience of it. I'll be following up in the next day or so with a post-move perspective on things I wish I had been aware of a week ago. The tone will be rueful; the content edifying. And it will probably take the form of a list. Lists are so clear, and simple, and orderly... traits my life could do with more of at the moment. Stay tuned! :P

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