Blog Carnivals... The Best of the Best!

My current excitement is perhaps out of proportion... (because I'm hugely excited... haha!) but several of my posts have been included in blog carnivals this week!

You can find my post Free Music by the Mile.. (gallon? bushel? ipod?) included in the Festival of Frugality: I May Be Living in Incredibly Pain, but at Least I'm Living Frugal Edition hosted this week at My Life Roi...

You can also find it at The Carnival of Pecuniary Delights 3: Money Box Edition, hosted this week by Miss Thrifty.

And lastly, you can find my post Generating Shock-and-Awe Shopping Savings at the Carnival of Twenty-Something Finances: Baseball by the Numbers Edition hosted over at Stretchy Dollar.

Each of these collect some amazing tips and ideas for frugality and living a simple (but full!) life... You can find posts spanning everything from investing, to organic coupons, to DIY projects. Definitely go check them out if you haven't already!

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