Choreographing Real Life...

Need a smile to get you the rest of the way through Friday?? Check out this video of a sneak-attack dance performance in Antwerp... it had me grinning at my desk like an idiot! The fact that they are performing to much-beloved music from The Sound of Music just makes it better. (I also really enjoyed this other video that showed just how much work went into putting all that together...)

For a similar, less musical but even more hilarious exploit, check out this video... an old favorite of mine that I like to call Icing on the Cake of Sheer Brilliance. These "gatherings" are orchestrated yearly by a group in New York called Improv Everywhere... Someone needs to form an Atlanta chapter, STAT. In case you can't tell from the video... all these people are listening to coordinated instructions on MP3 players. And it goes from there.

The Mp3 Experiment 2.0 from ImprovEverywhere on Vimeo.

Enjoy!! (and if anybody knows how to shrink down that first video a size more let me know lol... I have it as small as YouTube will let it go at the moment...)

Thank you to
A Papua Girl.... in Dallas for finding the first video! I entirely credit you with the smile that helped me get through my day. ;P


  1. I love the DoReMi video! How awesome! This was the first time I'd seen the entire thing (as opposed to snippets in a newscast). Thanks for posting it, Sarah!

  2. HOW hilarious. I love it. This one isn't to the same scale, but I think it's hilarious:

  3. I loved the DoReMi video! Choreographed dancing always makes me cry. Don't ask me why! How do we get a copy of that remix. That was great!

  4. Love that other link you found Kacie! I thought it was hilarious too... it would be amazing to have people just randomly burst into song at the mall. :P


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