Friday Frivolity! Music Gossip Edition: Susan Boyle, Kelly Clarkson, and so on...

We all know that by the time we get to Friday, we're limping through the day and aching for the weekend... so I've been thinking that each Friday I'm going to start posting a jumbling of things that are a little random, a little crazy, and a lot fun. Just to... you know... boost us to the weekend.

To start things off with a bang, I'm going to point you to the Daily Mishmash for an impressive collection of ways people have gotten sweet revenge on cheating significant others... a situation that hopefully none of us will ever have to deal with, but will still provide an evil chuckle and a "you go girl!"* from the sidelines. Think Carrie Underwood here...

Speaking of Carrie Underwood, for a while I had her confused as the vocalist in Kelly Clarkson's new song, "My Life Would Suck Without You." As the lyrics themselves acknowledge, that song is about one of the most dysfunctional relationships ever, and I couldn't figure out how on earth Carrie Underwood went from being all angry, strong, I-am-woman-hear-me-roar in "Before He Cheats" to the awful, "so glad you're back, go ahead and treat me like trash" attitude in the other. The contrast between "I wouldn't take you back even if you apologized" and "please come back, you don't even have to apologize!" rankled me a lot, and I wondered just what *had* Carrie Underwood been going through lately that robbed her of self-respect to the degree that she was willing to sing that song? But then I realized my mistake, and was relieved to know that I didn't have to despise poor Carrie after all. It's still a step down for Kelly, but since she's already admitted to being kind of an emotional wreck in "Behind These Hazel Eyes" I guess I'll have to excuse her. And suggest a good therapist. Seriously, Kelly, girlfriend, I think seeing one just might do you wonders...

Speaking of singing... everybody has heard about Susan Boyle, yes? And listened to her sing, and probably teared up a little? And then heard about the people insisting that it's a set-up rigged by Simon Cowell to garner ratings?? I don't like the scandal-mongering on this one; she has an amazing voice, and has had it for years lol. Why would anyone be surprised that she's tried to get noticed before, and even was included on a small-scale CD? Everyone who's ever been on American Idol, or Britain's Got Talent, has exactly the same goals: fame, and fortune, and dreams-come-true. There's no secret there. And I think that the people who are insisting that she couldn't have the insight to choose such an emotionally evocative song on her own are horribly patronizing. Why shouldn't she be aware of how to use pathos to her advantage? Lastly, I wish that they would stop crying foul at every hint that she might do a typical Hollywood makeover. Again, give the woman some credit, she will be the same person whether she decides to start wearing lipstick or not.

My verdicts: Carrie, don't lose your spunk. Kelly, please get a therapist... And Susan, more power to you!! ;P

*or guy, as the situation might be.

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  1. I tried to comment yesterday but for some reason I wasn't able to. Thanks for the shout-out. :)

    I totally agree about Susan Boyle. She is an amazing singer and the fact that everyone is stressing about her makeover is just ridiculous. Why does it even matter?


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