Lost analysis!! Smokey + Egyptian Mythology Equals...

Oh Lost. How we do love thee, and how desperately shalt we miss thee when thy season ends...

At long last, some answers about the smoke monster! Though "answers" is a little strong of a word... what I really mean is that we got a more tangible encounter, and some sideways explanations... The face-off between Ben and the monster was great! Do you think Eko saw a similar series of flashbacks when he stared down the monster way back when? I also was glad to have Ben slightly humanized throughout the episode... At least he draws the line at killing children! Is that why Ethan survived the Dharma massacre? Ben made provisions to save the children?

Also, I have an in on the Egyptian hieroglyphics!! My boyfriend had begrudgingly joined me on the couch to watch the last few minutes of the show (he isn't one of the Devout, sadly) and instantly recognized a few of the hieroglyphic symbols above the smoke monster's lair. In the three seconds that I was like, "oh, Egyptian writing, weird" he was recognizing and deciphering most of the symbols. The three foremost figures in the center of the carving were the Egyptian god Anubis, gazing at a creature very like the smoke monster, and overshadowed by the symbol of an eye. And as Andrew kindly elaborated to me, Anubis is the god of the afterlife, deciding the fate of the souls of the dead and shuttling them off to the beyond, so to speak. In Egyptian mythology the eye was often a kind of sign or seal of Ra and other high-ranking gods, so the arrangement of the symbols suggested that the smoke monster is a servant of Anubis, operating with authority and/or great power. Which would totally explain why the bodies of dead people keep getting commandeered for purposes beyond them... Alex being one of the most wiggy so far in my opinion. I don't think I agree that all the dead characters will make a reappearance at some point though, which is the theory held by Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer, mostly because I think the bodies/images of the dead are being manipulated for the purposes of the island/smoke monster. As in, I don't think most of them aren't actually alive again, or cognizant as the people they were; they're being manipulated as a conduit of the island. I think that Alex was the manifestation the smoke monster took on in that moment because it would be the most disturbing to Ben, and Eko saw his brother for the same reason. Of course though, that doesn't explain why Christian seems to be the island's manifestation of choice, or why Claire was pulled away from the other Losties for seemingly no reason... Or why Locke is apparently actually alive, as opposed to not-dead like the others we've seen. But I doubt we'll have any real reason to see Shannon or Eko again, for example, unless the writers just stick on a reappearance of everybody for the shock value / to humor us.

EDIT: I happened to mention in passing to my boyfriend just now that I'm assuming the statue Ilana referenced to the pilot is the huge-ass one we saw briefly in one of the flashes... and I said that now I'm assuming it's of Anubis (though feasibly it could be any of a number of Egyption gods, given the Ankh it was holding) and he kind of flipped out on me... Apparently that would be kind of a big deal, traditionally speaking. Here's his explanation as he told it to me: In basic temple design some things are always followed: multiple levels, secret hiding places, lotsa hieroglyphs, and always a primary god/goddess but most of the time a secondary one too. Typically huge statues on one level were the support pillars for lower levels -- think of it as functional and aesthetic. Suffice to say, anything at the bottom of those statues was essentially bound to them for some reason; a great honor, an amazing warrior/king, or as a means of suppression. Kinda like telling Anubis to "keep an eye on this one," as he is in the afterlife now. Summary: anything buried at the based of Anubis is really important. Also, most of the time the hieroglyphs told stories about the things in the temple: who it's dedicated to or is buried there. So somewhere in the temple would be answers about why it is there, the functions of the person or god it was built for, maybe even who built it. Things like that. I thought all this was hugely interesting so I wanted to pass it on... it also casts a lot of doubt on my earlier supposition that Ilena's question was just meant to verify the pilot's identity. I guess we'll wait and see!

New Questions:
Is Ben lying when he says he wasn't aware the Losties were part of the Dharma initiative? My gut says yes... but if he isn't then that stirs up all kinds of time-travel questions that I had sort of thought were satisfied during the Hurley/Miles conversation during the last episode...

Did Lost just take a huge jump of incorporating ancient mysticism into the plot-line? Or will the hieroglyphic implications just be another fake-out that falls by the wayside later?

Why did the island leave Ben alive? Up until now he's been more or less a rudder for the plot direction... what role will he serve now that Locke seems to be the Big Man in Charge?

Answers to previously existing questions:
As we suspected, Ilana *totally* has an agenda. I feel like there is a good chance that she is indeed working for Widmore too. The "What lies in the shadow of the statue" thing sounded to me like a call-and-response recognition code... and when the pilot didn't know the right answer, she knew he wasn't one of them.

So... Ben is the one who "banished" Charles? That whole thing seemed a little anticlimactic -- I really thought Widmore must have turned the wheel also, to be as irrevocably separated from the island as he seems to be...

Penny isn't dead! Hallelujah! You can ask the boyfriend, I was verbally lamenting her early demise for about the first twenty minutes (poor Penny, I can't believe she's dead, I can't believe he killed her, poor Desmond, I hope she isn't dead... and so on and so on) and so I was incredibly relieved to find her still breathing (actually probably hyperventilating after the run-in with Ben, but hey that's fine) at the end of the show.

My favorite quote:
Ben, referring to the smoke monster: "It isn't a train John, it doesn't run on a schedule..."

Until next week!! :)


  1. OK, so I totally forgot about that Ben line about the train....TOO FUNNY! There was some great one liners all night.

    And also giggling about how you referred to your boyfriend as

    "he isn't one of the Devout, sadly"


    And good question about how did Ethan survive...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    OH, and so happy you got your little package to make you smile. So now all you have to do is post about getting new pay it forward people to play along and send along some new smiles. ;)


  2. I'm not so sure about the SM taking over the bodies - we saw both Christian and Claire in one scene (in Jacob's cabin, I think) after Claire was dead - can it inhabit 2 people at a time?

    Now that I think about it, the backside of the giant statue looked a lot like Anubis. Richard's eyeliner could be a fashion leftover, if he was one of the original island inhabitants, and they were ancient Egyptians. The possibilities are endless.

    Not so sure Ben remembers anything - Richard seemed to say he wouldn't remember at least the incidents that led to his shooting, and would lose his innocence. But then how did Ben remember his horrid father?

    Anymore plot twists and MY nose is going to start bleeding...

  3. Ooooo... Good stuff! Do you think that time that Harper appeared to Juliet that she also was a manifestation of the Smoke Monster, sort of like Alex?

    Good point about Ben saving Ethan. It was nice to see his softer side.

    Let me know if you take a look at that link on my blog to the lostpedia explanation of all that Egyptian stuff. That was all so crazy!

    And good point about something important being buried below the statue. Do we know what IS buried there??

  4. I'm so glad you have an "in" for the Egyptian symbols. I wanted to look it up today, so you have saved me!
    This was a great episode. I didn't like the special effects or that Ben was being judged for her and not other things. Maybe you are judged for what bothers you. This is probably the only thing that bothers Ben.
    Does this mean that something is under the statue - another building or where Jacob lives?
    I don't think Ben remembers the Losties living with Dharma - I have a feeling by the time he returns from his retreat with the Others, they will be gone. Banished for something.
    Great recap!

  5. Remember that scene from aaaaages ago, when we were in with the other half of the plane group, and they hid in the jungle when they heard someone coming, and all they could see as the group walked past was the feet of children and their ragged clothes, and the last one was dragging a doll or stuffed toy? I have got to look that up.... that remains a part of the child-stealing mystery to me.

  6. Unlike Diane, I don't think Claire is dead. I always assumed that she was until Kate said she "disappeared". On this show characters don't say or do anything that isn't important. Kate will find Claire....eventually.

    I also think John is dead. But you already know all about that from my blog.

  7. It's clear that Ben will do anything to protect himself. He proved it again this episode by confirming and denying that he thought Locke would become alive again on the island. I think the smoke monster let Ben live because he is bein punished by not being in control anymore and is now dependent on Locke. Which Ben hates. I loved the interactions between Locke and Ben where Locke is clearly in control and knows how much it's killing Ben.

    PS: Yay for Desmond clobbering Ben!!

  8. WOW! Please thank your boyfriend for all the details – they are fascinating. The whole “at the feet of Anubis” thing reminds me of the movie THE MUMMY. Brendan Fraser’s character digs up the mummy at the foot of Anubis (if I recall correctly).

    A thought about the “shadow of the statue” … remember when Sawyer and crew were jumping thru time at the well and they saw the statue? Is it possible that the donkey wheel is IN THE SHADOW of the statue, or was the statue too far away? I can’t remember, but it WOULD make sense.

  9. Read this link, especially the last two tidbits: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/celebritology/2009/04/lost_dueling_analysis_dead_is.html

    Great theories involving Horace AND "Island Pregnancy Syndrome".


  10. Brilliant review and analysis Girl! You totally blew me away. I never considered Ilana working for Widmore. Good one and makes sense.
    I missed the details of the statue, ie holding an ankh. I guess I should watch these episodes twice.
    I can't even begin to speculate what's under that statue. Maybe it's a Stargate...wouldn't surprise me at this point.
    I just hope it's not a question or thing they never go back to or answer.

  11. New here. Very interesting ideas. Especially, the idea that llana may be working for Widmore. I was wondering why all the weapons with that group and why wasn't Hurley able to buy up all of their seats.

    I'm so glad we're moving out of the Dharma 70's -- it was reminding me too much of Season 3. It appears to be on the move again. Finally! :)


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