LOST Revelations! aka, Daniel Faraday Blows Our Collective Mind...

Wow. Can we just say... wow. No summarizing here, straight to the good stuff:

Questions answered:
Daniel was indeed off the island but still working for the Dharma-ites. And unexpectedly, he doesn't seem to be on the same "side" as his mother is in the past, telling Jack that she was mistaken to send them back.

Daniel's mother is still on the island in the 70s... amazing! I still don't understand how that works out time-wise, because it seems like Daniel is the same age as Miles or even a little older... but apparently not.

Widmore was responsible for the fake plane crash at the bottom of the sea after all, not Ben as people had started to hypothesize. I think it's clear that Ben has been somewhat delegated to a lesser role from here on out...

Daniel now believes that it is possible to change the past. Interestingly, at least what we saw of his speech to young Charlotte isn't the same thing she repeated to him 30 years later in the midst of the flashes ("You told me never to come back... that I would die if I came back") making me think that perhaps the future is indeed altering by degrees already. (!!)

YES! Daniel is Widmore's son! CRAZY! It makes perfect sense in so many ways, but at the same time I wasn't expecting it. Maybe I was just slow on that one, because I think people had definitely theorized that that might be the case and I just didn't believe them.

New Questions:
HOLY CRAP, is Daniel dead?? My vote: NO. Wishful thinking, yes, but also I think there will be less drive to the next couple of episodes if he is. So, no dead Daniel please. And in fact, this is a great chance for the Others to put the temple to good use, and give us some more information there... However, if that happens, will Daniel undergo the strange and apparently repulsive spiritual/emotional "change" that Ben did? Or is Daniel's "innocence" already gone, from what he has experienced and what he accidentally inflicted upon his research assistant girlfriend?

I don't believe Eloise-in-the-presnt knew she shot Daniel. She tells Widmore that, having sent Jack, Kate, et al, back in time, she doesn't know what will happen now. Dan hops a sub back to the island from Ann Arbor *because* she sent them back in time and he saw the photo, and the whole hydrogen bomb we-can-change-the-past thing goes from there. I don't think that the Eloise in the present knows that she shot him in the past. So, is the present shifting for Eloise even as we watch? As she drives away in the taxi, and simultaneously in Daniel's present he's being shot, is she suddenly aware of it as a memory? I'm thinking of Desmond encountering Daniel in the past, and waking up suddenly remembering it... Same thing, or no?

How on earth are our Dharma Losties going to get out of the custody of Crazy Paranoid Dude With a Gun?? Man oh man, somebody please take that thing away from him. If Juliet ends up dead, I'm seriously going to picket the ABC headquarters in protest.

Other "AHA!" Moments, and this and that:
Elaine Hawking is apparently hugely manipulative, and orchestrating much more than we had ever realized.

I still am surprised every time Jin opens his mouth and perfect English comes out. Poor guy -- all this and still inexplicably separated from Sun.

Daniel was certifiably damaged by his research before coming to the island, and it healed him. Whoaaa...

Juliet is willing to fight for her man, haha! It was pretty funny to see her reaction when Sawyer asked "Freckles" to stay with them. Less funny was their later exchange about whether she still has his back and vise versa. His pause after she asked him the question seemed a little ominous... or was it just that their conversation got cut off by the alarm, and their following apprehension by the Dharma-ites? I couldn't tell.

I loved the gun fight in Dharma-ville... way to shake things up, huh??

Favorite quotes:
Hugo: "After all we did to get back here, now we're just going to run off again? Seems kind of wishy-washy."

Daniel, when handed a gun: "Um, do you have something for a beginner?"

Final observations:
The overarching theme of this episode was free will versus determinism -- pitting destiny against individual choice. And, interestingly, Daniel asserts that free will is the "variable" in even the most concrete equations; it even opens the possibility of changing the past. This isn't what the show was asserting before, but I think it's a necessary twist. First off, the Dharma Losties weren't there in the 70s the first time around, so things are already different from that. It is also their present now, so of course they aren't bound by the rules of "oh this already happened," because it hasn't. To use a garden metaphor, they've been transplanted there, and can grow in any direction they please. It was also a necessary twist because of how static it was making the show -- if the characters were just living out pre-determined paths, there is no space for suspense or real development.

And thank GOD this would seem to make that whole "huge loop" theory moot. If their goal is to change the future, then there's no way we're going to end up back where we started from. Umm... right?

Anything I missed, or things I'm misinterpreting? There was sooo much going on in this episode that I'm absolutely sure there is... fill me in and set me straight please! ;P


  1. I don't know if Ellie knew she would kill Daniel or not. You raise a good point. But if as you say our guys weren't in Dharmaville in the 70's to begin with, then how was Ethan born? Remember the hostiles had the bag over her head and everything. How does she get saved if not our guys rescuing her?
    IDK!!! I am so unsure but I love it!

  2. Amy's head. I didn't clarify that. The bag was on Amy's head.

  3. Awesome post! I agree... I don't think Daniel is going to be dead, but then again, he did tell Jack anyone of them can die. This was their present. AURGH!! I'm just hoping to see more clarity with it. It would just suck if that was all of Daniel.

    I'm going to have to rewatch the episode again.

    Great entry! Fantastic! You brought up some awesome points!

  4. I wrote this comment in response to yours on The Lost Books Challenge blog but I'm going to copy it here too. :)

    Although you DO make a very good argument, I'll had to disagree on the not-knowing-I-shoot-my-son thing. Did you see the look on her face when she told him he had to go back? He asked her if it would make her proud and although she said yes, she was DEFINITELY looking anything but proud. That one scene is more emotion than she’s expressed at any time on camera. Add that to her comment to Charles in their conversation on sacrifice and I’m certain that she knew she was sending Daniel to be shot by her younger self.

    But feel free to disagree! :)

  5. Eloise did talk about sacrifice with Charles. So maybe she knew it was a possibility but was hoping that things would change.

    LOL -- writers SHOULD consult we bloggers to work out all the kinks.

  6. I agree with Heather! I think Eloise knew she shot Daniel. After all, 1977 is the Lostie's present, but its everyone else's past. So while its happening for the first time for the O6, for the people they run into, like Eloise, Widmore, Richard, etc, when we see them in the 2000s, everything that's happening to the O6 NOW is their past. It had already happened for them! I think that makes sense?

    Even if it doesn't, Eloise has been able to see into the future, up until this point.

    But, the writers were good and didn't give us the confirmation we want! As Eloise tells Charles, "...I sent my son back, knowing full well..." Widmore cuts her off, yelling, "he's my son too!" Really, Eloise could have been refering to lots of things, I guess.

    I wonder if Daniel ever asked about his dad. With Widmore coming in and out of his life like he did, you'd think he'd start asking questions.

  7. I too hope Dan isn't dead. Surely the Others/Hostiles can work their little temple magic and bring him back. I really like him, strangely enough.

    And we know that Penny and Daniel are at least half siblings. I need to do some research to find out if we know ho Penny's mother is, because I don't remember.

    I'm just glad to know there is a finality to the entire series, and that it will all be wrapped up next season. Don't get me wrong, I will really miss it. But I am glad to know that there will be a resolution...of some sort.

  8. It does get confusing - Eloise in the future knows she shot Daniel, but sends him to be shot anyway.

    Eloise in the past - at the moment she shot Daniel - seemed to be truly shocked by what she had done. Interesting, because that assumes she believes it is possible for that fully grown man to be the son she apparently doesn't yet have.

    I'm wondering if Daniel was at least conceived while Eloise and Whitmore were on the island. She seemed to know in that first scene with the piano that Daniel was gifted in other areas (although I understand math/science and music giftings often go hand in hand), almost as if he had been bred for something in particular.

    Time (pun intended) will tell!

  9. I think that Eloise in the past didn't know she was shooting Daniel. However, she did actually shoot him in HER past. It's not like that was a re-do of her past. It only happened once.

    She learned in her past that she shot her own son because Daniel told her. So, in her own future, she knew she was sending him to get shot. But I think Eloise believes so strongly in the theory that "what happened, happened" that she might not have thought she had a choice but to send him.

    It's soooooo confusing, so I could be totally wrong!!!

    I've been betting on Eloise and Widmore as Daniel's parents for a while so I was glad to see that one revealed!

  10. I'm wondering if the reason Eloise tells Penny that she doesn't know what is going to happen anymore is because her whole "what happened, happened" theory just got blown to shreads when she found out her son was still alive. She had lived all of these years thinking she killed him when he was X years old and showed up in 1977, but then she finds out he is living in some other time and doesn't know what to think. I don't know. The whole time traveling is getting to me I think. I can't keep it straight anymore.

  11. I think Eloise-in-the-presnt knew she shot Daniel in the past because of the the sacrifice conversation with Windmore. That's why I think Daniel's going to buy it, as much as I want to see him live. It wouldn't be much of an intense sacrifice if she sent him to the island knowing that she'd give him a flesh wound in her past/his present.

    Stranger still,wouldn't you think that scientist types would be smarter than to have a gunfight in front of big gasoline tanks?

  12. I have nothing to add, you said it all and so well.
    I'm sad Daniel is gone, but I don't want to see him sent to the temple for evil manipulation.

  13. I thought I had a good theory.....but now reading everyones thoughts, I am back in LOSTland about a few things again!!!

    Thanks for popping by today.....you are def. making my brain work on overdrive!

  14. I will be really really pissed if they completely change the whole thing like it never happened. It makes me think of the one whole season of Dallas that was a dream - lame lame lame. Or so I've heard - I'm certainly not old enough to have watched Dallas! ;)

  15. Great thoughts - I quoted your bit about the 815 folks not actually wanting to stop the plane crash here:

    I did think that Ellie knew what she was doing, but I don't really understand WHAT exactly requires such great sacrifice on her and Widmore's part. Surely you wouldn't do that just to make sure things happen the way they're supposed to, especially if you believe they will anyways!

  16. whoops sorry, I conneected you with the wrong idea. Rocksinmydryer is the one I quoted about the 815 folks not wanting to stop the plane crash. I quoted your theory about Ellie not actually knowing she was going to shoot Daniel. :)

  17. TV Guide reports that Daniel is dead, but I refuse to see him go. I hope he comes back as a ghost only Miles and Hurley can see. And Desmond, since Desmond is the most special person of all time (Plus, the best episodes are when those two are together)

  18. Hmmm after a lengthy, involved conversation with my boyfriend about time travel theories in general (and he doesn't even watch the show, lol!) I have to admit that though my theory is still a possibility, it might be one of the less likely ones. But, when has Lost ever been likely?? :P I will be reeeally sorry if Daniel is dead, but if that's the case Miles is definitely the right person to have around!

    Great thoughts, friends! Is everyone counting down to Wednesday with me?? ;)

  19. I 100% think that Eloise knew that she was going to shoot Daniel. That's why she slapped Charles - how dare he say that he sacrificed being a father to Daniel, Eloise's sacrifice was waaaay greater than his.
    I think Dan is dead. Sorry. The quote that ChaseNKids referred to tells it all. That's major forshadowing if ever I've seen it.
    I really liked your Final Observation on free will vs determination. But I am still under the firm belief that Dan is wrong...what happened DID happen. We haven't seen any proof that the future can be altered so why would we start to now. As far as this quote of yours, "they aren't bound by the rules of 'oh this already happened,' because it hasn't."...yes it did already happen. It always happened in 1977. My theory is that this is the reason Ben knows so much about the 815ers in 2004. He always saw them in 1977. Notice how the 815ers that were on Ben's "list" in 2x22-Three Minutes, are the same as the 316ers that ended up in 1977!! Also, catch the look on Ben's face the first time he sees Jack in 2004 in the Swan hatch (2x14-One of Them).
    I think that the 316ers are about to split up into 2 groups: Those that want to change the future and those that are holding on to the thought of destiny.
    Destiny has been a MAJOR theme in LOST. I don't think that the writers are going to divert from that by allowing Jack, et al to change the future. Whatcha think?


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