Friday Frivolity: Fashion Flubs Edition

Sometime last week one of my twitter-buddies (aka tweeple, aka tweeps, aka tweeters... take your pick) posted a link to this photo:I'm not even sure who/what it is. Is it a legitimate attempt at fashion by some D-list celebrity, or an actual celebrity I would normally recognize but who has deliberately disguised herself thus for unknown and potentially heinous motives? Or is it a practical joke? Unfortunately I doubt it's the latter, but I try to be generous with the whole benefit of the doubt thing... In any case, impressive no? The tweeter who posted the link (@geekbloggers, if you were curious) did so with the comment, "This is what happens when you eat too many marshmellows while high..." however, I don't think drugs were necessarily involved... perhaps she's just on a very stringent diet, and after spending hours fantasizing about sweets could no longer suppress the desire to dress like one. Especially when you take into consideration the hat, I think it's clear the theme she was going for was "When Candy Attacks, Camoflauge." Though from her zombified expression, it appears that her quest to evade the marauding campfire snacks was unsuccessful.

Sidenote pertaining to Twitter... are you one of my tweeps yet?? I collect interesting tweeple, hoarding them like precious gems and refusing to share even when #followfriday comes around, so rest assured that I will cherish your every tweet! Though lately my collection has become so amazing that I've begun to feel horribly selfish for keeping them from the rest of the world -- no doubt I'll change my policy on sharing at some point. I'm a humanitarian like that. In any case, I recently switched from @misseliza123 to @REALsaraheliza, so do make sure you're following the right one of me! As you can tell from my new name, I proudly assert my personal authenticity with every tweet, right along with Hugh Jackman and Shaq! Plus, @saraheliza was already taken, and @devastateboredom was too many characters... so that settled it. I'm currently having a bit of identity crisis though; when I look back and see my tweets as @REALsaraheliza, I don't initially recognize my words as my own... Eeek! Moral support please, STAT!!

But to return to fashion flubs... as y'all may already be aware, if you're looking for humorous photo documentation of the entire spectrum of the amazing, heinous, and ludicrous world of celebrity and fashion today, the go fug yourself blog is where it's at. My personal favorite is when they stage conversations between the people posing in the photos (such as here and here), so you definitely will need to check their site out in person to attain any real depth of understanding of the level of hilarity I'm talking about. However, this gem from earlier this week caught my eye in particular:
Brilliant, yes? To me it looks like Pebbles went to visit the Jetsons for some kind of wild galactic party, but got arrested for underage drinking... I have this feeling that Wilma has just posted bail and is lurking on the periphery, blushing to match her offspring's unfortunate jumpsuit and anxiously wondering if she'll have time to bundle the child off in a coat before the Rubbles notice just how indiscreet the evening really was... Probably not Wilma. Probably not.

That's your dose of Friday Frivolity...! Let me know what random internet oddities have gotten you through the day so far, and hang in there -- the weekend awaits!!


  1. The top picture is Lady Gaga. Apparently, all the $$$ she makes from her music is gone, because she puts it right back into her stage show in the form of haute couture. Yikes.

    Also, I love your Tweets! Keep it up! :)

  2. I thought my wardrobe was bad...It's nice to know that even with all the money you could possibly want to spend on clothes, it won't buy you taste or obviously a mirror to look into before you leave!

  3. Lady Gaga's zombie face? Botox gotta be. The dress? Where to start? The Project Rungays should have a field day I'm sure.

    Girlfriend I am your Tweeple. I cherish your tweets. For realz.

  4. In that second photo, is she wearing duct tape on her, um, you know?
    Explain this tweet thing to me...

  5. Wow! Those are some serious fashion flaws! I don't even know what to say!

    I haven't got on Twitter yet. I'm afraid. Very afraid. =]

  6. Do you ever look at Vice Mag's Do's and Don'ts? It's pretty shamelessly crass at times, but I still laugh. These remind me of that. Oi.


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