Free (and legal!) MP3 Madness... Country, Indie, Jazz, Dar Williams... (yeah, we've pretty much got it all)

Yo, fellow music lovers! We've got a *ton* of free and legal tracks this week... so you can commence the excitement as of... now!

First off, see a showcase of today's hot new country artists, and download a track from each if you so desire, on the People magazine website. I'm not much of a country fan (read: not at all) but even I will admit that there's some fun stuff here... The third group, Gloriana, even vaguely reminds me of a more country Nickel Creek (It might have been the mention of the mandolin though... Plus, I reallllly just miss Nickel Creek). But I think #8, "Wal-Mart Flowers" is probably my favorite just based on cute factor alone...

And then we come to the summer mixes offered by Urban Outfitters.... Can we all just say, SHEESH! You'll find about 60 downloads here, far too many for me to go into indepth, so I'll just say to watch the deluge for tracks by St. Vincent, Au Revoir Simone, Phoenix, and Peter Bjorne and John. The one thing that might be frustrating here is that it looks like you have to download each playlist as a whole rather than downloading the individual tracks that you like, so you might end up temporarily a little swamped. One of those good problems to have though...

Sephora is also offering your choice of six downloads off of their Beauty Beat page... Use the code BEAUTYBEAT to access tracks from pop princesses like Colbie Caillat and Erin McCarley. (You can also find out what shade of make-up they use. If you had ever wondered about their make-up, I'm sure you'll find that part fascinating. But if you are fascinated, honey you need to go find a life.)

I'm excited about this next one... check out the music blog Muruch for a new Dar Williams download! I adore Dar, and daily aspire to be A Flinty Kind of Woman, so this new one is a must-have in my book- er, MP3 player. And if you have an eMusic subscription, you need to download that whole Honesty Room CD pronto... your ipod will be enriched because of it. You too can be A Flinty Kind of Woman!! Either way though, enjoy this new MP3 from her!

There's also some great free jazz tracks available on Amazon right now, both classic jazz from legends like Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Dizzy Gillespie and others, as well as more contemporary "Urban Jazz" selections as well. (Thanks Frugal Dr. Mom!)

Lastly, if you happen to be loitering in the vicinity if iTunes, there's a catchy new alt rock download from the band The Ruse currently available as the Song of the Week, and the pilot episode of Royal Pains is free right now too. The Discovery Download for this week is a little weird though... it's a kid's music selection entitled "Seven is the New Fourteen." Any moms (or seven or fourteen year olds) who give it a listen should definitely let me know what they think of it...

So yeah, have fun! Happy listening...

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