Acknowledging the Boredom Gone Out of Control, and Promising to Make Amends!!

Hello Gentle Reader!

I apologize with deep regret for the length of time your boredom has been allowed to rage unchecked, and fervently promise you that such a lapse will not occur again! I have been busily hashing out some blog-related changes and developments, as well as wrestling with a particularly unwieldy Life-Map in an attempt to figure out if I'm headed in the right direction, and I think we're making progress on both blog and life fronts. I'm excited for prospect of getting some things wrapped up and fine-tuned in the near future, and I promise to make amends for my recent neglect...

In fact, this week alone will be packed chock full of boredom-devastating delights, including but not limited to: an MP3 Madness update stuffed chock full of the latest free-and-legal gems, a review of a book that sent my world reeling (in a good way!), and a Friday Frivolity post on... dare I say?... voyeurism. Oh yes, this week shall be a good one.

Stay tuned! And if you're not yet following or subscribed, may I ask what could possibly account for such a heinous oversight? Are you really so absolutely free of boredom in your day-to-day life? If so, please fill me in on your secrets, I would love to know how such a blissful state of constant interest is obtained. If not, dear reader, hit the subscribe button! Your dying brain cells will perk up and thank you.

Yours, towards the eradication of boredom!
Sarah Eliza


  1. I'm working on my Life Map too... as always! :) Did you get some new good direction? I love what you wrote for your profile description and look forward to reading your blog.

  2. When you find the life map, can you post it here for me?


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