Friday Frivolity: LOST Edition!! Videos from Comic Con and a "Dharma documentary"

Ok fellow Losties, let's just admit it... we're all still secretly pining for our favorite adventure/sci-fi/castaway TV show. All our grumblings about its Deus-ex-machina tendencies, and last minute introduction of Jacob and his frienemy last season, are all just an attempt to balance out our raging addiction to the show. And we have been missing it oh-so-much for the last few months, agonizing over the identity of Jacob, pondering the fate of Juliet, wondering where on earth the show will pick up after the bomb, and puzzling out just what the hell is in the shadow of that stinkin' statue...

And the next season is still 173 days away, not that anyone is keeping count.

But do not despair! We have the Lost Comic Con Panel to tide us over, and even a (tiny) consolation from ABC as well... small comfort, true, but I figure we'll take what we can get at this point.

Drum roll please!

Courtesy of Comic Con 2009, YouTube now sports a new 40 minute session with the Lost producers and several of the actors. No spoilers, I promise... the producers promise to be as clear and explicit as they "never were." One of my favorite moments is definitely in part 3, when a wannabe-version of David Faraday turns up, with his "constant," Dharma beer. Another one... Richard Alpert donning eyeliner behind the scenes. TOO FUNNY. Also, excitingly, they promise that the bomb at the end of the season won't just have "wiped out" the last five seasons as some viewers have feared, and that we will find out who was behind the food drops in earlier seasons. That's about all the promising they did, the rest was humorous evasion as might be expected.

Our consolation prize from ABC comes in the form of six short webisodes pretending to be a 1980's documentary about the Dharma Initiative. All that's been released currently is the intro clip, which, while entertaining, is hardly illuminating... but it will be fun to watch the others as they are posted in the months leading up to the premiere.

The stream of fan-generated Lost videos is also a must-watch. Recall my comment a while ago, that the only possible matchings left in the Kate-Sawyer-Jack-Juliet octagon would be Kate-Juliet or Jack-Sawyer? *cough cough* Welcome to Brokeback Island. (video totally safe for work, and hilarious)

And y'all have to see the Comic Con clip of Michael Emerson auditioning for the part of Hurley... the moment when he comments that the plot seems "a little preposterous" is a nice touch.

Lastly, for another take on the "audition" scenario, check out this older tape of Jorge Garcia (supposedly) auditioning for the part of Sawyer. Muahaha.

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