I did NOT just... Dumpster Diving and Cell-Phone Smashing Edition

This week I did NOT go running from room to room and leaping on and over furniture dangling a "fishing rod" cat toy for my kitties to chase. In the midst of all this NOT running, I did NOT step on my flip phone, and feel the two halves crack and slide apart under my foot.

On recycling day I did NOT rummage through the communal apartment recycling bin (/trash can) to dig out someone else's discarded Cheerios box "With 2 Extra Box Tops for Education!" Note: if anybody has a school-aged child collecting these things, please let me know...

I did NOT spend the majority of my idle time at work Friday signing up for sweepstakes and obsessive-compulsively retweeting Kroger giftcard giveaways. I did NOT get hugely excited about winning a pack of M&Ms from one of those aforementioned sweepstakes either...

I DID go to a nice wine tasting dinner with my boyfriend, but I did NOT realize mid-way through that there was a huge hole along the seam of my skirt.

I am NOT currently overreacting over the lack of response from my new landlady when I emailed her to confirm the time for me to pick up the key... I am NOT envisioning she was a scam artist, and that the whole house is actually unoccupied and not for lease at all. NOT me, I would never let my imagination run away with me to the point of obsessing over anything like that whatsoever.

RIGHT. ;P Oh well.


  1. Funny! Poor phone...sounds like something I would do!

  2. I always love your "not me" lists. Very funny. I haven't done one yet, but I plan to someday.


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