Free MP3 Madness!! From Radiohead to Veggie Tales to Sondre Lerche to Selena Gomez, and everything in between!

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Free music madness is finally upon us again!! And since I skipped last week, I'll try to make this week extra good to make up for it. I'll be going by category this week, and maybe in the future too if we like it divided that way...

Radiohead (via Radiohead website, single track)
Ravonettes (via Amazon, single track)
Hawthorn Heights (via Amazon, single track on a sampler)

Selena Gomez (via Seventeen Magazine, single track, download code: debutselena)
A Fine Frenzy (via artist's website)
Krista (via Amazon, single track)
Brooke White (via Amazon, single track)
Shanna Crooks (via Clean and Clear website)

Indie Rock:
Taken by Trees (via Borders Free Media Download)
Katie Todd Band (via Meijer: Outside the Mainstream, single track)
Sondre Lerche (via Amazon, single track from new album)
Rain Machine (via Paste Magazine)
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (via Amazon, single track on a sampler)
The Donnas (via Amazon, single track on a sampler)

Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps (via Daytrotter, multiple tracks)
Jolie Holland (via Daytrotter, multiple tracks)
Kate Walsh (via Amazon, multiple tracks)

Classical and Instrumental:
Extensive Free-and-Legal Classical library (via, multiple tracks)
A Place of Quiet Rest ~ Instrumental piano (via the artist's website, full CD)
Eternal Baroque (via Amazon, full cd)
Romantic Moments sampler (via Amazon, multiple tracks)
Andres Segovia ~ Classical Guitar (via Amazon, single track)

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (via V98.7 Smooth Jazz, single track)
Dean Marcellana Latin Jazz Trio (via Meijer: Outside the Mainstream, single track)

Brad Cotters (via Country Weekly, single track)
Chris Hanners (via Country Weekly, single track)
Jerry Lee Lewis (via Amazon, single track)

Rap & Hip-Hop:
Izza Kizza (via 2K Sports)
Donnie Bravo (via 2K Sports)

Folk and Bluegrass:
Jennie DeVoe (via Meijer: Outside the Mainstream)
Greensky Bluegrass (via Meijer: Outside the Mainstream)
Will Hoge (via Amazon, single track off a full sampler)


Turkish Hits Vol 1 (via Amazon, full CD)
Saavan Celebrates Bollywood (via Amazon, full CD)
Cat Music Presents: Music from Romania (via Amazon, full CD~ lyrics in English)

Veggie Tales "I Can Love Because God Loves Me" Download
They Might Be Giants "I am a Paleontologist" (via Paste Magazine)
Full episodes of Sesame Street (via iTunes)

There are currently giveaways for five different CDs on the Muruch music blog, including Will Hoge and Son Volt's newest, so be sure to stop by and enter!!

I wasn't very impressed with anything on iTunes this week, but if you're into "sneak peeks" of the upcoming seasons of your favorite TV shows, a ton of those are available. Note that some of the downloads I have mentioned will expire or change to something new at the beginning of next week, so if you want something grab it now! Let me know what you think of the new format, whether you find any new favorites... Enjoy this week's free-and-legal deluge of music!!

Note: Thanks to Shopping Frugal, Frugal Dr. Mom, "Cents"able Momma, and Cheap Chick's Ray of Sunshine for the heads-up on some of these great downloads!


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