Moving! And talking cats!! And lots and lots of bruises!!

A week ago I moved for the third time in a year. I know that that's not really a record, but it sure feels like it should be! It came about very simply really, and with no drama or broken leases; I simply moved so that I could live with a friend last summer, and then moved again six months later because we had found a cheaper apartment. Six months after that (also known as, "now") my roommate decided to move to Ohio to be closer to family, and so we both stuffed all our possessions in boxes and headed off into the sunset yet again.

My new place is a cute little attic apartment. It's actually more spacious then you'd think from that description, but it has slanted ceilings (the better to wack your head on my dear!) and some fun little nooks and crannies, which is why i call it "cute" and "little". God only knows how many brain cells have died as a result of the repeated head trauma I've suffered over the last two weeks due to those ceilings... My scalp is probably pretty bruised underneath my hair. If you could see those bruises though, your reaction would most likely just be something like, "oh look, it matches the rest of her!" I'm carrying around a lot of those spotty blue bruise things currently; souvenirs of the winning combination of Clumsy and Moving. But oh well.

My poor little cats were fairly traumatized by the move, possibly due to the fact that they spent a night by themselves in my new apartment... they were shut up safely in the bathroom with all their things, and plenty of blankets to sleep on, but they were alone and in a new place nonetheless. I'm pretty sure their conversation that evening went like this:

Cat 1: I wanna go hoooooome!!
Cat 2: Whar you go lady?? Comes back!
Cat 1: Helloes? Lady??
Cat 2: Da lady gone bye-bye.
Cat 1: Aw noes... da lady thot we wuzn't nice?
*horrified silence*

As a result of the fear of abandonment (and/or starvation) that evening stirred up in them, they've been a great deal more affectionate lately. They used to be a little on the aloof side, and now I can't even walk across my apartment without tripping over little furry bodies rubbing up against my ankles. I think they want to be certain I have no incentive to pull such a stunt on them ever again, but don't tell them I know! I like the cuddlier aspects of their personalities that are emerging.

The three of us are all a lot more settled in now, and so I'll be resuming posting more regularly. Fear not, Bored Denizens of the world -- I shall return, and soon! My unofficial "blog sabbatical" is officially coming to an end. Stay tuned! ;)


  1. Congrats on the new apartment! I always wanted to live in an attic apartment. They always seemed so cozy.

  2. Haha! Love your lolcats-ish conversation there! :) Your apartment does sound cute. Pictures? (well, once things are relatively orderly...)


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