not ME monday... an abyss, a neglected boyfriend, and other tales of adventure and woe

Believe it or not, I did NOT fall off the face of the planet. No, it was more like being sucked into a black hole while cruising through deep space... I've had to learn all kinds of cool anti-gravity maneuvers to emerge again...

I did NOT discover the Full Cup coupon forums, and proceed to become deeply enmeshed in a web of complicated coupon trades and other obsessive compulsiveness. I've decided couponing is basically stamp collecting taken to a whole new level of frugal adult geekery.

I did NOT take the aforementioned obsessive compulsiveness to such a level that one evening my boyfriend turned me and plaintively asked, "Love... why do you only take me to grocery stores?" I doubled over laughed for about five minutes before responding, "And drugstores!!!" like that would make it all better.. (it didn't).

I did NOT get accepted into grad school. WOOHOO!!! Masters of Teaching, here I come!!!

I did NOT instantly begin to obsess about how I would pay for that grad school. My poor porcelain bank is indeed broken into a zillion pieces, but I swear it was an accident... Remember?

I did NOT procrastinate on filling out the FAFSA for a full week, and then when I finally forced myself to sit down and do it, I did NOT finish it in a mere 25 minutes. I think basically the fewer funds you have to report, the quicker it goes...

I did NOT discover that a laser pointer is basically kitty CRACK. My cats would find that mysterious little red dot wholly absorbing for hours on end. Dare we suggest that my days of leaping over furniture danging their fishing pole toy might be at an end??
That, my friends, is a little sampler of various things that did NOT happen (who are we kidding) in the past month or so... Hopefully one or two made you chuckle. And I hope you're excited about grad school for me!!! 'Cuz I'm a little distracted right now searching my couch for lost change... ;)

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  1. Congrats on grad school! That's great! I am still paying my loans off, but it was worth it. Love the kitty crack!

  2. my cat is totally not into the red laser pointers but my brother has a green laser pointer and that drives her nuts

  3. Yay for being accepted into grad school...that's soooo exciting! You are going to make a fantastic teacher. :)

    Glad you didn't fall off the face of the planet!

  4. oh, congrats! i'm so excited for you. where will you be going?

    your boyfriend makes me laugh... we should go on a double-date sometime to publix.

    so, i'm (hopefully) back up and running again. terry just ended 2 months of freelance work on the computer. what does that mean? it means you must join the blogger world again.

  5. Congrats on getting into grad school - that's really awesome! Be sure to check out what kinds of graduate assistantships your school offers, and do it as soon as possible. (That was the best advice anyone gave me when it came to financing grad school.)

  6. NOT off the face of the planet again? ;)

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