There's a Partay in Mah Mailbox!! (and you're invited... ;P)

Ok, be honest... since reading Melissa's Massive Big Daddy List of Freebies the other day, has anybody been curious to know what a week in the life of my mailbox might look like??? Well lucky day, it just so happens that I can oblige you... ;)

Ta da!!!

I was a little disorganized this week so this might not be everything, but its a close approximation. No, that blue vase in the background isn't one of the featured items, and why yes, I did decoupage that dresser myself! But now back to the freebies...

Last week I received:
A coupon for a free 4 pack of Smuckers Uncrustables
A sample of Nestle's Abuelita cocoa mix
A P&G brand sampler that included the Olay body wash and the coupons in the background, among other things
A Kashi TLC Bar
A Nature Valley sampler including a trail mix bar & a cute little Nut Clusters pack

And (drumroll please!!!) 3 prizes from Allure Magazine giveaways! I was so psyched, since before last weekend I had never won anything from them... it never rains but it pours I guess. I won:

A full-sized bottle of Philosophy Gingerbread Man body wash (I've decided Philosophy is basically Bath & Body Works for hippies -- in a totally awesome way)
a mineral foundation with an SPF (I love me some SPF)
a purple eyeliner from Almay (*bats my eyes with newfound drama*).

Sweet huh? It was a really fun week, and needless to say I'm going to be eagerly awaiting the next round of Allure giveaways at the begining of December. I say this string of good luck totally needs to continue.

What about you?? Was your mailbox partying last week??

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  1. WOW!!! 3 freebies from Allure...I really need to head on over there for December too! That Gingerbread body wash I bet smells amazing.

    We've never tried the Smuckers'll have to let me know what you think.

    Thanks so much for joining in on Mailbox Monday and I hope to see you next Monday!

  2. i love the gingerbread man. a couple years ago i used to always win allure giveaways but i haven't won in a long long time now

  3. Nice score! The only exciting thing in my mailbox last week were bills. Oh wait, those aren't very exciting. Unless you forget to pay them - then things get exciting when they start turning stuff off.


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