Printable Whole Foods Coupons! aka, and all the organic coupon clippers say "AMEN!"

This is just quick side-note to say that my latest email newsletter from Whole Foods included a link to their brand-squeaky-new printable coupon page! *ooooooh ahhhhhh*

To be perfectly honest, I've done a lot of price checking at Whole Foods recently and I have to say, if Publix or Kroger carries an equivalent organic item, you'll want to buy it there. That way you don't have to comfort your sobbing wallet all the way home from the store. But for selection Whole Foods can't be beat... there are many things they carry that you would never find at a typical grocery store, so having store coupons on those items rocks the house! Whole Foods even gives out store coupons periodically for completely free items, and it's hard to beat the sheer awesome of that. (Hey, whoever-who-runs-Whole-Foods, thanks for the post-Thanksgiving free bacon!)

Don't forget, you can also find organic/natural printable coupons on these sites:
Mambo Sprouts
Eating Well
Delicious Living

Also check manufacturer's sites for your favorite brands -- my favorites for printable coupons include Laura's Lean Beef, Stonyfield Farm, and Organic Valley.

Lastly! Right now you can find not only the $1/1 Muir Glen organic tomato coupon I mentioned recently, but also a Luna bar "buy two get one free" and a Special K blueberry cereal $1/1 coupon at *Hint* If you don't see them, enter zipcode 08122. Hurry! All three of these coupons have already reached their print limit under other zipcodes.

*Note: is an affiliate for me -- if you click on one and print coupons, not only do you save money, but you help me save towards a wedding! ;P I mean, every little bit helps, right? If you would rather use a non-affiliate link for any reason, you can access the site here instead:

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