Salada Tea Green Spotlight! *bows*

Wow! Salada Tea has chosen my environmental efforts as the Green Spotlight of the Month! I am flattered and flabergasted at having been so chosen, and I am pleased to say that their write-up makes me sound ever so much cooler than I actually am, haha! I have huge respect for Salada's emphasis on environmental responsibility, and can't wait to try many more varieties and flavors of their tea... Did I mention that the prize for being chosen is a year's supply of Salada Tea and a BPA-free water bottle?? LOVE IT!

Quick quick, go check it out! Trot over to the Unbottle Your Tea website, and click on the Green Spotlight icon in the lower right hand corner. There you will see yours truly *bows*, have the opportunity to share your own "green" story, and even print off a tea coupon! If you don't have a green story yet, then you really need to get on that... individual efforts really do make a difference! Check out this recent All Things Considered report if you don't believe me. :)

Thank you again Salada Tea! I will strive to continue my green efforts in a manner becoming of a Green Spotlight Receipient. ;P

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