A Free-and-Legal Soundtrack for the New Year! Sia, Beethoven, Thrice, Phillip Glass & More!

Ok, are y'all as music-starved as I am?? I thought so. No more of this talking, let's get to downloading.

Since I'm starting the whole classes/grad school thing this week, I'm currently on the hunt for nice interesting instrumental pieces that I can listen to while studying without being toooo distracted, so we're going to head over to Amazon for some of that right now. There's a whole CD of classical music cleverly entitled I love the 80s (that's 1880s to YOU, sonny), another CD of lush pieces by famed movie composer Phillip Glass, and then several of what HAVE to be some of Beethoven's most recognizable pieces, including Moonlight Sonata and Fur Elise. Nice, huh? Ok, on we go.

Now let's snag a nice eclectic jumble: the Sia MP3 "You've Changed" over at Paste Magazine, some live recordings from Sondre Lerche and Thrice from Daytrotter, and two downloads from the new-to-me group Lovebirds.

Then, over to iTunes for a few things worth grabbing, you'll find a smattering of random reality TV shows, as well as a free episode of cult classic Degrassi High and the original pilot episode of Lost. (!!) I'm not crazy about any of the free music this week though -- the only freebie I see worth downloading is the Discovery Download from Ian Axel.

Wait, what? Y'all want country music? Again, seriously? Ok ok fine... here, have twelve tracks from People magazine. Will that hold you for a while? I didn't even listen to them, so if I'm missing out on anything particularly good be sure to let me know and I'll go back and snag it.

Lastly... For some Christian contemporary downloads, you can also stop by and snag the "Yule-Rock" Sampler over at Total Axxess. Don't be fooled by the "Christmasy" name -- it's regular music from artists like Jars of Clay and Pillar that you can play all year long. ;P (thanks Mom by Heart!)

I imagine your ipod is fairly set now for the moment, so I'll leave you with that. Until next time!

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