Woolite Rug Stick rocks my world! aka, random is great, and so is clean carpet!

Ok, this one is uber random but I just got done with a carpet-cleaning kick today, and I'm so relieved at the results that I just had to add this to my list of favorite things. The Woolite Rug Stick is A-MAZ-ING. The green part of me winces a little bit at writing that because I've mostly switched over to natural cleaning products (i.e., vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and the like), but let's be honest, stained carpet can be a nasty, stubborn thing. The Rug Stick is the carpet-equivalent of bringing out the big guns.

So this is how it works: The rug-scrubber snaps together like a swiffer, and then you pop the foam can in place. The foam is non-caustic, and contains no bleach or CFCs. You shake it up and dispense by pressing one side of the scrubber against the carpet, then rub vigorously with the brush side. The stain will disappear. If it doesn't right away, you scrub some more, changing directions as you attack. You let it dry, and vacuum to remove the crystals-formerly-known-as-foam (you can't see them, but I was curious how it worked so I checked the company website and found out about them there). You sit back and enjoy your clean carpet.

Seriously, its worked right away on 5 of the stains I used it on (I'm clumsy, and part of my kitchen is carpeted... plus, I have cats. Enough said.) and the 6th succumbed after a second treatment. I suddenly have hope for my security deposit again, and without spending a fortune! My Rug Stick is my new BFF. I think I need to go buy it a margarita or something.

* I received no compensation for this post, I just got really really excited about cleaning my carpet and wanted to share it with the whole wide world. And now that I've put it that way, it's a little awkward. ;P

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