Adventures in the Land of Surveys: Opinion Outpost

Surveys are a great way to thwart boredom and earn a little cash while you're at it, and I consider Opinion Outpost one of the best. Their good points are:
  • A reliable, professional privacy policy,
  • a very navigable site,
  • frequent surveys,
  • a fair points-award system (longer surveys give you more points, etc)
  • accurate pre-survey estimates on how long each one will take to complete
  • sweepstakes entries or instant-win gameplays as a "consolation prize"when you don't qualify for a survey
  • an option to instantly redeem your credit for Amazon giftcodes at any point past 500 points ($5). They'll also send you a check if you prefer that.
It really does add up quick! There are all kinds of topics for the surveys too, everything from toothpaste to cellphones, from politics to movies. Movies are my favorite... getting paid to watch a preview and tell what I think, or critique a movie poster and choose my favorite out of six options? Um, sure, I can do that for you... Since signing up with them almost exactly five months ago I've earned $41 in Amazon codes, and that's even with several month-long lapses where I wasn't trying to qualify for any of their surveys.

So yeah, check them out! You might just find that you've hit a goldmine with Opinion Outpost, cowboy hat and all. ;P (confused? haha check out the site and then you can come back and hit me for making dumb wannabe-puns)

A tip before you start signing up for surveys... definitely create yourself a new email account specifically for that purpose. Its just easier to keep them all in one place and stay organized that way, and avoid cluttering up your main inbox.

Disclosure: These are referral links. If you have a survey site you like, feel free to send me your referral link in return and I'll check it out!

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