Free LOST Goodies... Valentines and bingo!

Awww just in time for the big, sugary, pink-and-red celebration of love and commercialism: LOST Valentines!! You can choose lovey-dovey, satirical messages from Sun, Jack, even Sayid and Desmond (apparently Kate, Sawyer, and Ben will be added soon too). But my favorite so far is Locke's:

Bahaha! So, do tell, which one would you choose for your sweetheart??

Also really entertaining is the Lost Bingo that Sci Fi Wire came up with for the premiere... It's AWESOME. Even if you're like me and would be too busy bouncing around in your chair and keeping up a running commentary on the events of the episode to be able to add Bingo into the mix, you'll still enjoy reading through them. From "Kate kisses Sawyer" to "Kate Kisses Jack" to "Someone is Cryptic When they Should Be Direct" and "Vincent!" I think they managed to cover most of the bases.

So there you go... a little fun at the expense of our favorite TV obsession. After all, Lost pretty much reinvented TV cliche as we know it. Might as well celebrate the fact!! ;)


  1. Eek! I got a good laugh from yours here, but can't find them on the ABC site. Am I missing the obvious?

  2. Sorry about that, I fixed the link... I think ABC did them last year and this blog has just brought them back this year. Or something like that. ;P

    The link should get you there now! :)

  3. I love the Locke one! At bingo they should add someone says I'll tell you everything and doesn't. LOL

  4. Followed you over from Green Jello. Best line ever, "I don't want Sayid to be infected. His hair is perfect as it is."


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