LOST Befuddlement, aka Claire Rousseau?? and zombie Sayid needs killing.

So, y'all remember last week when I said I was kind of disappointed?

I take it back.

Last week was awesome. I loved last week. It's this week I'm disappointed in. ;P

Just kidding, but seriously... Sayid's "resurrection" turned out to not be quite what it had seemed, despite Jacob insisting that he just HAD to get better... maybe it needed to happen not in the "we have to save Sayid!!" way, but in the "this will trigger a chain of events that must take place for some other purpose" sort of way.

I did enjoy seeing the post-crash Claire in LA, and her and Kate's little unfolding friendship there... like I said, we love this show because of the web of interwoven lives. If they want to keep us engaged in this parallel universe, they need to start weaving.

Really, nothing happened this episode besides that... and... the appearance of the blond reincarnation of Rousseau!! Complete with rock traps, indiscriminate bulls-eye shooting, and no doubt a "what did they do with my child??" complex. Despite this weird history-repeating-itself thing, I'm overjoyed to see Claire! I hold out hope for her still, despite the Other-Others (I'm going to start calling them the Barefoot Others) claiming that she had become infected with evil that destroyed her entirely. I guess we'll just wait and see now won't we...

Which reminds me, do we think it's safe to assume that the Barefoot Others are the ones who stole the children in the first season?

And last but not least, did Jack seriously not cough up that pill? Are we supposed to believe that he's poisoned now? I was watching the episode with my pal Gretchen, and she and I both thought he had spit it out until Barefoot Others were giving him tea and looking worried. So are we supposed to be afraid for his life or something? I'm actually more afraid that he'll end up NOT dying, in some kind of "oh wow, you're the Chosen One!!" way -- I'm kind of sick of Jack having missions.

I'm trying to remember if I've forgotten anything... the only other thing I remember being struck by is that during the whole time Nasty Barefoot Other was bitching at Kate, all I could do was think, "Hey look, it's the guy from Always Sunny in Philadelphia!" and feel mildly entertained by the association. Which I don't think is what they were going for...

So anybody want to fill me in on all the massive amazing symbolism I totally missed? Please please, point out something that will make me less inclined to go picket the Lost writers' houses with Stop Disappointing Me signs.

And don't get me wrong, I still love Lost. I'm just griping in the way that an old grandmother might gripe because she expected her grandson to be president, and he's only running for mayor. But hey, I still totally believe he could be suddenly elected president at any moment... and hopefully one week from tonight. ;P

For the next few weeks, my demands are as follows:
  • Sawyer discovers something good to live for. A message in a bottle from Juliet if needs be... I'm really not picky at this point.
  • Claire sits down and has an emotionally satisfying, hopefully redemptive chat with Jin, and does NOT go scurrying off into the jungle, to disappear for another four or five episodes.
  • Jin is reunited with Sun. They gaze soulfully into one another's eyes, and all of America tears up a little.
  • We see Daniel Faraday. It can be in the parallel universe... I just miss him.
  • Jack dies. Or doesn't die, because the "poison" turns out to be magic dust that turns him into Jacob. Hey, if he has to be the Chosen One again, let's make it good...
  • Kate finds a NEW love interest. I vote Zen Master Yoda back in Shangri La, just because that would be hilarious... (an idea also suggested independently over at Green Jello, so by the Great Minds principle you KNOW it has merit)
  • And last but not least, Ben realizes that having killed Jacob he's also capable of killing Pseudo-Locke, so he goes ahead and offs him and solves that little problem once and for all.
  • Richard gives everybody the magic elixir of eternal life, and they all live happily ever after.
Writers, that's your assignment. Please get on it. Kthxbye.

EDIT: If you still haven't gotten your Lost fix for the week, be sure to check out the Lost Valentines and Bingo! Toooo funny. ;)

EDIT AGAIN: OMG, if you like Lost you HAVE to go read the recap over at Kisatrtle's Kreative Korner... I laughed so hard!! And believe me, funny enough to make me use caps, bold, and exclamation points all in one sentence is pretty dang funny.


  1. I thought I missed something...o.k. I didn't make the Russo connection. This is the final year, can they please make it good. Yes, I want Kate with CTHO (see my blog post). More zombies too.

  2. Haha. I think it's funny that we were both sitting there thinking "look, it's the Always Sunny guy!" and neither one of us said anything, hoping we could look past it. I guess neither one of us could :)

    Those are some good demands you have. Let's hope they deliver!

  3. I think there's a big connection between Claire and Danielle. They have so many similarities... it's like Claire is the Danielle replacement, just as Locke's body was the Christian's body replacement. I wrote more about this on my blog.

    Also, I saw a big message about destiny and how certain things are going to happen in their lives whether or not they get sucked onto the island.

    Your review was cracking me up! I love your sense of humor!

  4. I love the show but almost as much as I love i am confused by it, I guess confusion is a big money maker in the last decade due to unforseen twists and shockers! Go hollywood for reinvinting! By what i wanna know, and won't probably find out until the last episode is, the duel life thing (version where there is no crash) are these people alive that died, like charlie. I love charlie and claire and really wish that Charlie would be alive in the end....but if the end is just the crash never having had happened then they will just go on with life w/o each other, right? And I would like to see Jack and kate together...sorry

  5. My husband and I were picking the episode apart after it aired, per usual :) I griped that I'm sick of paraell time lines since the explostion was supposed to end that. His theory is that the time lines changed in the past with the bomb and effected the present present on the island but that the Oceanic 6 doesn't know that their pasts have changed and only know their past pasts not their present pasts. He points to the Barefoot other who's ticked at Kate for being the security guard she beats up when she escaped the airport. Island Kate just looked at him like - what?

  6. pretty sure they heimlich-ed the pill out of Jack--didn't the leader of the barefoot others pick it up off the ground?


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