Lost, the Beginning of the End... and the beginning of the disappointment??

Ok let's be honest... anybody else annoyed?

1. After investing 20 precious minutes in digging a woman out of a hole, DON'T YOU DARE LET HER DIE ONCE WE GET HER OUT OF THAT HOLE!! I mean, c'mon. There's suspense, and then there's emotional manipulation, and then there's just freaking WASTING TIME. Lost writers, just go ahead and admit it, you have no idea how you're going to fill up the next season, do you? Otherwise why would you be killing time like this?

2. Having it both ways is just cheating, y'all. Are they going to have parallel universes during the whole season? Will the finale culminate in the characters coming face to face with themselves? And let's be honest, the losties just aren't as compelling on their own. It's the web of intertwined lives that we're obsessed with, not their own little lives and worries. We've seen Kate play escape artist plenty of times now, and Sawyer the jackass just doesn't hold the same allure. We're over it.

3. I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!! I totally called it that Locke was merely a manifestation of the smoke monster. Though really at this point I can't remember whether that was already accepted fact at the end of last season, so my gloating might be uncalled for...

4. I thought Shannon was going to be back in this season? Or could they not get her actress interested after all? Because right now I'm trying to come up with all kinds of interpretations as to where she is, and if it was just a real-life scheduling conflict then I don't want to waste my time wondering.

5. Aw Claire, I'm so happy to see you....! But Lord only knows why Charlie is trying to kill himself all the sudden, the pre-wreck Charlie we were introduced to on the beach originally gave NO indication of being even a little blue. I mean, beyond the level "oh, well, this is a crappy day..." that is completely justified when you're sitting on a beach because your plane wrecked and you're stuck on a freaky island.

6. Juliet, you almost made me cry again. Why on earth did they bother bringing Sayid back and not you? I'm nowhere near enough invested in him to be blown away by his recovery.

7. Speaking of dead people coming back to life, anybody have any opinions about whether Jacob being dead is the same thing as humans being dead? The pseudo-Locke guy is obviously not alive in the strictest sense of the word, and doesn't even need a body to exist. Jacob seems cut from the same cloth.

8. Reference from pseudo-Locke about returning home sounded awfully Mount Olympus-y to me.

9. Sigh, so what we thought was the temple was actually a wall? And beyond this wall is Shangri-La? Color me disgruntled.

10. Richard in chains? Is this some kind of reference to the slave ship? If it hadn't looked so 17th century I would start guessing that it was a more ancient slave ship, like, you know, Greek days. Or Egyptian, that would work too...

Best quote of the evening was from Hurley: "Aw man, that's gross."

I'm expecting better things from next week -- hopefully the premiere gave the writers enough new material to work with that they can start coughing up some answers. But I'm still happy Lost is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just going to need a lot of Dharma beer to get me through future episodes if things don't start improving kinda quick-like.

What did the rest of you think? Did I miss something mind-blowing that would have made the whole two hours utterly amazing and transformative, or was I right in feeling a little exasperated? And did anybody else laugh at the fact that there are now THREE different Locke's bouncing around??

This picture pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment lol:

*EDIT I just read over at Rocks in My Dryer that people are saying that perhaps Sayid is the new manifestation of Jacob, a la Locke being the manifestation of Bad-Dude, and I really like that idea... especially with the way his arms were spread like a cross when they brought him out of the water. I thought as I watched that it seemed an awful lot like resurrection symbolism, so it could work out nicely if Jacob really is borrowing his body now... thoughts?


  1. I definitely caught Sayid's Jesus-pose and had no doubts he was going to be "resurrected". But when I saw the talk of him being the host for Jacob then I think it really rocked :)

    Funny that you were disappointed a lot in this ep, I thought it was great. I know that Juliet is on a new show, so I was pretty certain her character was going to die tonight. I think I might have heard Elizabeth Mitchell say it somewhere, so I guess I was "spoiled"

  2. My husband thought the chains reference sounded Greek Mythology-y. Interesting.
    I hadn't even thought about the 3 Lockes. Ha!

  3. Pretty much hit everything on the head. Was not impressed with the early scenes/no-crash plane scenes, but I think we'll see how it relates later on. Remember, not everything is as it seems in LOST, especially the first few episodes.

  4. I did read somewhere that the Shannon actress, whatever her name is, didn't want to come back (even when they offered her money!), so they wrote her out.

  5. I'm really intrigued and can't wait to see how it all plays out with two different realities happening simultaneously. You are right that several of the characters seem to have mood swings on the plane this time around. I mentioned in my post how Jack and John have sort of reversed roles when it comes to their faith.

    Really, really weird that Shannon wasn't on the plane. She couldn't come back for ONE episode?!?

  6. I agree, I was disappointed too. The whol Juliet alive then dead thing really ticked me off.

    Please link up your thoughts on LOST!


  7. Interesting idea about Sayid being Jacob!! I did notice the arms, but didn't connect it! You are good!

  8. Yep, I totally think Sayid is Jacob.
    And I think most likely the comment about richard in chains was a reference to the fact that he was always a servant of Jacob, and with Jacob dead he is free.... thus the look of terror on Richard's face, because he doesn't LIKE being free.

  9. I don't think Sayid is Jacob but I think he's definitely inhabited by some other "entity"...one that we haven't met yet possibly. I still think there is another layer to this onion. The MIB and Jacob have a third party that they report to that is controlling the whole thing...just my guess :)

  10. I was very aggravated by Juliette's death also. If the could drag Sayid to the temple then it makes no sense they wouldn't have done the same for her.

    Please don't tell they needed to ax her to prolong the love triangle. That story line has been beat to death I for one am not interested!

  11. Yes, I was not happy with this episode. The temple stuff really got to me - the clothes, the Crouching Tiger Hidden Other guy, who doesn't like English on his tongue - the Bonsai trees.

    I want Jacob to take over Locke's body and then fight SmokeLocke on the beach.

    Great recap!

  12. Oh yes the Juliet thing broke my heart TWICE. It ached at the end of last season, her tearful goodbuy to Sawyer just to kill her off again.

    I didn't even think of the Sayid resurrected as Jacob thing until you mentioned it. I got the vibe that Jacob was evil and the end of Tuesday's episode is making me unsure. AAAAAAAH! I'm confused.

    I have a condo-blues.blogspot.com/2010/02/condo-blues-blogaversary-awards.html little award for you on my blog.

  13. 5. He wasnt trying to kill himself. Don't you remember that when the plan crashed on the island Charlie had been chased into the bathroom by the stewardess on suspicion of having drugs? He was in the bathroom just about to swallow the balloon of heroin when the plane ripped apart! With the plane not crashing he just began choking on it.

    6. I am pretty sure that it is Jacob taking over Sayids body because there was something mentioned about if you want to survive he has to live and of course Jacob is running around looking for a new body since his was killed (like enemy took Locke's as soon as it got back to the island!) (wrote this before I got to your bottom note...)

    BTW speaking of your religious symbolism what did you think of the Lost Supper photo?

    I disagree about the quote of the evening! It was definitely Enemy when he said there was no need for name calling when Ben called in the smoke monster!


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