LOST: Jacob's Lighthouse, Jack's Son, and Other Things We Never Saw Coming

I think we all know by now that the Lost writers aren't above pulling a new main character out of nowhere whenever it suits their purposes (um, JACOB), but whoever would have guessed that the focus of the no-crash reality this episode would be Jack's heretofore non-existent pre-teen son?? Honestly, no one can really predict what is going to happen next with this show, because there just aren't any rules... which is part of why it's fun I think -- how it keeps defying our expectations week after week.

But yeah, Jack's son David is some kind of musical genius. Not to get all Biblical-allusion-y on everybody, but may I just point out that the Biblical David was a shepherd, and an amazing musician? I have to think that it's a fake-out-clue -- something the writers are hoping people will catch and make a big deal of, but that has NOTHING to do with anything important -- but its still kinda fun. Any guesses on who's David's mom? I actually had completely forgotten that Jack had been married before the original crash (to that chick Sarah) but I suppose it could be her. I'm hoping its somebody from the island though, just because that would be entertaining. Naturally, everybody on the message boards are guessing that it's either Kate or Juliet, but it's definitely not Kate, unless "out of town" is a just a really uber nice euphemism for "permanently on the run and wanted for murder." But even if that were the case, he'd be living with Jack and not just still visiting a few times a month, so we're safe scratching that one. Juliet is a possibility though. Apparently there were photos in David's house as Jack went up to his room that showed a blonde woman, but I didn't see them at all -- anybody catch enough of a glimpse to have any thoughts on who it might have been?

Oh, and can we just pause a moment to laugh heartily at the thought of any modern day kid, living in LA, conveniently owning an actual physical answering machine, that he keeps in his room no less? BAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Now, about Claire... will somebody please buy the poor crazy child a Baby Alive? I mean, that would still be creepy, but not as creepy as the weird little hybrid corpse that she's reading bedtime stories to now. And don't get me started on her "friend!" I wonder how she rationalizes him looking like John, but not being John? Presumably they were "friends" before he started looking like John? In which case I'd be really curious to know what he looked like before... Is the actor who played him for like 3 minutes on the beach at the end of last season permanently out of work, or will that face be returning to the show? I kind of want to see more of him.

The biggest "wtf" of the evening was definitely stumbling out onto the lighthouse... pretty slick! I'm bummed that the mirror smashing came so soon though -- I had really liked the mirror theories bouncing around, that people in the LA reality were catching glimpses of their Island selves in mirrors, and that the two realities would collide in the scene where we saw Jack break the mirror. But alas, no. That was merely Jack being a petulent child. "What, something I don't understand??? I MUST DESTROY IT!!!" And, to my great displeasure, it does indeed seem that he has another mission. We heard it out of the mouth of Jacob himself, Jack has "something he's got to do." Again.

Any ideas on whether turning the lighthouse really was supposed to be a signal bringing someone else to the island like Hurley thought? Or was it just solely designed to throw Jack into one of those volatile moods of his so that he gets all existential and messianic on us?

Of course, another part of the expedition to the lighthouse was apparently to evacuate the last two Candidates from the temple, since it appears Jin is going to be forced to lead Smoky and Claire in for an ambush through the back way... but that leads me wondering, why doesn't Psuedo-Locke already know about the "hole in the wall" entrance? Since we saw the Smoke Monster actually appear from that hole, and drag Rousseau's companions down into it, back during the flashes, it doesn't make sense that he would suddenly not be aware of it any more.

WHICH leads me actually to a huge idea I got from an awesome post by Chris over at hobotrashcan.com. What if both Jacob AND Shadow Dude can take the form of the smoke monster?? To me it makes a lot of sense, just because I've never understood why occasionally the Smoke Monster would choose NOT to kill people (Eko and Locke) and then other times would decide to kill them after all (poor Ecko), and everybody else unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity too. This theory would also fit if it appears that Shadow Dude was unaware of the "back door" to the temple. Just a thought, but definitely one worth pondering!

My favorite idea from the forum: The names and numbers on the roof of the cave actually belongs to Smoky/Pseudo-Locke. The list of names and numbers that belong to Jacob are the ones in the lighthouse. People are emphasizing the "dark" cave and "light" house, which sounds pretty good to me. Apparently those with DVRs and the power to stop the screen at their command also say that the names that are scratched out are different, and that Kate IS on the lighthouse wheel list. *cue the Twilight Zone music*

I think my favorite quote was when Hurley refers to Jacob as coming and going "kinda like Obi-Wan Kenobi." But then of course, I pretty much love it every time they reference Star Wars, so other folks will probably disagree with me. And I'm freehanding that "quote," so if anybody with one of them magical DVR things wants to correct me on the exact wording, that'd be cool. ;)

I loved this episode... what about y'all?? Thoughts, opinions, theories? I want to hear!! We only have weeks left before the show is departed from us for forever, so let's make the most of it! And if anybody else wants to sign my petition demanding a follow-up Lost spin-off, be sure to let me know that too. ;P


  1. I am cracking up at your Baby Alive idea. I am confused. Gitsie Girl wondered if #108 was Desmond. Desmond has to come back - right? Jack's wife - of course they weren't going to show who it was!

  2. Baby Alive! Bahaha. And I'm laughing with you at the answering machine. Like the Duo-Smokey theory. That would explain some things.
    Yep, I liked it too.

  3. Adam and Eve make an appearance! Sounds like the might actually end up telling us who they are after all. And I love how Hurley is the character they always use to address fan theories (LOST is someone's dream, dying in the past, etc.) love this show!!!!

  4. Hi Eliza! Long time no "see"!!!

    My head is still spinning.....trying to wrap it around all the smokey inhabitants/Jacob appearances/etc.

    My favorite part of the whole episode was all the Hurley hilarious one liners! "Lying to a samurai", "like Obi Wan Kanobi" and the "7 years back luck" made me laugh out loud.

    Lost has always had tons of Biblical references throughout. Love that too. ;)

  5. Just to throw a kink in your thoughts, Smoky Locke says something about being trapped [on the island, presumably] and unable to get free [because Jacob was guarding?]. That makes him an awful lot like Prometheus (for a Greco-Roman reference) or Samyazaa (for a Bible reference). Hmm, things to ponder...

  6. I loved last night's episode and especially all of the Alice in Wonderland references. What did you think of Jack mentioning the two kittens? The black one is blamed for all of the trouble, but turns out to be good. I think that's what we will see on the island, too. The man in black is actually the good guy.

    I think it's going to end like Alice in Wonderland, too. It will be up to the viewer to decide if it was all a dream.

  7. I love all of your theries and I am tooo excited for next week's episode. I will have a recap up tomorrow.

    I'm interested in learning more about David. I think Sarah is his mom, but it could very well be a lostie.

    Who do you think that boy was last week?

  8. I don't know anything - that's what I think every time another episode is done. BUT, that's why I love all the theories floating around.

    Oh, and I still have an answering machine. And I don't know why that's surprising so many people. but I DO live in Minnesota... =0)


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