MP3 Madness!! aka, free stuff worth snagging from iTunes (lotsa TV!)

This week there's some fun music freebies on iTunes, courtesy of V.V. Brown, Millionyoung, Tokio Hotel, and Avenida 6... my favorite being V.V.'s R&B tinged "Shark in the Water." There's also a ton of free TV, including the pilots of fashion reality show Kell on Earth, quirky kid's show Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil (um yea, you read that right...), Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica, and internet-favorite The Guild. Gamers and Dr Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog fans, that last one is for you!

There's also the first two episodes of The Deep End, what looks like a quite entertaining show about young attorneys... I can't decide if they're trying to be the Grey's Anatomy of the legal world, or Scrubs, or maybe some kind of combination of the two. Can I get comments from anybody who has actually seen it? And will somebody please please help me think where I know the dark-haired actress from??

Last but definitely not least, a cool freebie this month is one of the first televised interviews with Martin Luther King Jr, from 1957. You can also find a sweet music video to the She & Him song "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" labeled as a (500) Days of Summer podcast. I <3 She & Him, and the choreography is really fun too.

All these should be available until Tuesday, which is when iTunes normally swaps them out, so grab anything you want now! And stay tuned for more MP3 Madness over the weekend.

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