MP3 Madness! Free-and-Legal iTunes downloads: Easton Corbin, Mariah Carey, lots of Olympics clips and more!

This week iTunes is featuring a pretty nice range of genres for free download... which, among other things, may or may not be code for "eek, country!" Just kidding, Country Fans, just kidding...

Here's the scoop!
  • Easton Corbin with "A Little More Country Then That" -- I don't consider myself qualified to comment on country (I plead the 5th) but this one has great ratings, so it's definitely worth checking out!
  • Jets Overhead with "Heading for Nowhere" -- easy listening, gentle, likable pop.
  • Mariah Carey with "Up Out My Face" (this one's the music video of the week) -- I find the video for this one mildly confusing (what's with the funky subtitles popping up at random times?) but it also has fantabulous ratings so I'm obviously the only one who doesn't love it.
  • ChocQuibTown with "De Donde Vengo Yo" -- I think this is my favorite. I have a weakness for Spanish hip-hop (aka reggaeton), so this one is pretty much headed to the top of my playlist as we speak...
There's also a bunch of Olympic themed clips right now, including a Figure Skating Glossary and "How to Take a Slapshot," so if you're feelin' the winter-sports vibe I imagine you'll want to take the opportunity to brush up on your skilz and terminology.

These downloads are guaranteed available for the next week, so get 'em while you can, and keep your eyes peeled for more MP3 freebies throughout the week!

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