MP3 Madness, iTunes free downloads this week! Lots of Free TV, and more!

Check out iTunes this weekend for a lot of free TV... episodes of Parenthood, Trinity, Rules of Engagement, and a kids' show called Mrs. P Presents. The first three look like mostly comedy (with Trinity throwing in some drama... it's from Showtime, which might be an indicator, ha) and the last one features retellings of fairy tales. (I had hoped it was a new reincarnation of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, but sadly it doesn't appear so after all) The Truth in Motion: The US Ski Team's Road to Vancouver documentary is also still available.

There's also music downloads from Vita Chambers, Holiday Shores, Fedro, and a music video from Lighthouse, if any of those strike your fancy.

And in other news, please excuse my 10-day absence... I spent the time scrambling to get caught up in all the various arenas of my life, and I think I'm almost on top of things again. Hopefully. For a while anyhow. ;P I'll be back soon with more music freebies and my thoughts on Alice in Wonderland, so stay tuned!!

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