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So sorry this offer is no longer available!  However they do offer coupons fairly regularly to people on their mailing list, and sometimes on as well.  :)  Subscribe to the right to follow me, and I'll keep you updated in the future if the rebate ever becomes available again!

Oh sweet, World's Best Cat Litter has a "Try Me Free" rebate offer available on their website right now!  Looks like the offer will be good all through 2011.  This litter is the only kind that I use (or rather, my cats....OBVI! ;P), due to the fact that it's made out of corn and is thus much more sustainable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly then most cat litters. It's also dust-free, clumping, flushable, and does a remarkable job hiding odors given that it's all-natural. When I first started using it I thought the name was just entertaining hubris, but after a bit I had to admit that it's pretty accurate... so far as I can tell, they really are the world's best cat litter.

It does tend to be pricey, about $10 for a 7 lb bag, which makes this offer even more awesome. I have to say too, that it might be worth it to use the "contact us" form on the website and try to hint your way into some coupons -- I recently contacted them to let them know how much I loved the product, and they emailed me a link to a $2 off coupon. (Edit: Also, while you're at it make sure to check out this post for the "scoop" - ahaha I'm hilarious - on where to find an internet printable coupon for $3/1 bag of litter) In the past I've combined manufacturer's coupons like that with $/$$ coupons (like Pet Supermarket's "$2 off a purchase of $10" coupon that you can find fairly regularly in the Sunday paper) to get a pretty good deal on it even from a Frugalista's point of view.

Other "green" cat litter products I've heard of include Yesterday's News (made out of recycled newspaper), Feline Pine (made out of wooden pellets that sort of melt into sawdust... I used that one for a while but didn't love it), and Swheat Scoop (made out of wheat). I recommend World's Best Cat Litter from personal experience, but would love to hear opinions if anybody else has tried any of the others!

Disclosure: Not an affiliate... I just like their stuff. ;)


  1. I think it is great no odor and very easy to clean

  2. yes i think thats a good idea cause the smell of the cats are very strong,so i want to try it.

  3. Do you have any updated coupons for this litter? We're now in the year 2012, lol.


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