Friday Frivolity: Vote for Somebody to Live off of Groupons...

Y'all are already aware how much I love Groupon, right? It's a daily deal site, like Woot and Pennywise, but features city-specific restaurants, events, gyms, spas, museums, bakeries, dancing lessons, etc etc. I'm kind of obsessed with it, and it's a fun way to find out about new things to do around town even when your bank account is a little slim. They feature most of the big cities across the US, and are expanding rapidly to others.

Anyway, recently they started a "Live Off Of Groupon" contest/promotion: "We will choose one person to attempt to survive for one year with nothing but a laptop, cellphone, and an unlimited supply of Groupons. If successful, that person will receive $100,000!"

It looks pretty awesome, and if I weren't engaged and in grad school I totally would have applied, gotten accepted, and become famous blogging about my adventures during the course of that year. ;P Alas, I won't be winning the $100,000, but everyone should still head over to check out the videos of the six finalists and vote on your favorite. The clips are pretty freaking awesome. At first I was all about Josh Stephens, because, heck, he turns into a superhero and defeats a grizzly bear with groupons, but Ross Cook-Golesh won me over. Yes, despite his horrible mustache. I just don't think anybody who dreams of being a photo-journalist should be doomed to chopping up raw meat all day... *subliminalmessageVoteForRosssubliminalmessage*

You and I might not be in the running to live off of them and win $100,000, but Groupon rocks the show just the same. You should check them out if you haven't already... awesome deals are headed your way. And if you're already well-acquainted with them, what's been your favorite deal so far? I think my favorite is yet to come... I have an hour-long massage scheduled for April at a reeeeally nice spa that I purchased for $10. Counting.the.days. ;P

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