Fun and Wacky Awesome Deals this Weekend...

Some of my favorite online sites have great sales and deals this weekend so I thought I'd pass them on to y'all!

Threadless is a fabulous, funky t-shirt site, with new community-submitted designs each week, chosen by open vote. As a result their t-shirts feature a huge range of styles, from humorous, to artsy, to geeky, to random. This weekend is their 10 year anniversary, and they're having a massive $10 t-shirt sale to celebrate. I've been shopping their site (and sporting the best t-shirts on the block!) since 2007. I . Check them out before the sale ends Saturday (oh eek, it ends at 10 AM central time... I didn't realize that until just now. Go quick, quick!!).

I'm also super psyched about Atlanta's Groupon this weekend: Spa massages and facials more than half off at Jazmin Spa. They have three locations and seem pretty fabulous... HAPPY!! Also, if you are sitting there feeling jealous because you are not in Atlanta, chances are there's something cool available in your city too. San Fransisco has half off a luxury bus ride to Reno or Lake Tahoe. Cincinnati has 65% off of two hours of handyman services. Chicago has half off of a helicopter ride or lesson; New York has 70% off of a singles dating event; Houston has half off laser tag and go-kart racing; Charlotte has half off fine dining at a restaurant named Sonoma -- and I could go on, but there are about 50 cities now and I don't have that kind of time. That brief overview gives you an idea of the kinds of things you will often see available though, and it just now occurred to me that I could totally keep an eye on the groupons for a different cities when I'm planning a vacation, etc, so I'm pretty psyched about that. All the deals I mentioned are good through the weekend; a new deal is available each weekday as well.

Think Geek is also having a clearance sale, though mostly I just window shop and email links to people with subject lines like, zomg this is totally you bahaha or rofl. I think I have to buy this. My favorite sale items include the Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Playing Cards (which I actually will probably buy... the Force is strong with me), Curiously Strong Magnets, The Kitty Bi-Plane Play House, the Refill Required t-shirt, and -- oooooh noooo I'm being sucked into the Think Geek abyss... must... retreat...

I'll let y'all do any clicking from here, but take note of the Think Geek coupon codes too. Have fun with that!

Note: Some of these are referral links. Thanks!

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