iTunes Free Music Madness: Neon Trees, Dan Black, & Banda de Touristas, plus free TV and more!

This week on iTunes you'll find a fairly decent little connection of free stuff...

Neon Trees, with "Animal" -- Killers-esque alternative rock (I feel safe making the comparison because they toured together, and it's also a compliment coming from me, because I love the Killers. Definitely grab this one!)

Dan Black, "Symphonies" -- In general I don't have much patience with music videos, because I like to multi-task while listening to music, and not necessarily sit there and watch people dance around. There are always exceptions though (Johnny Cash doing "Hurt" for example) and I think think this comes close to qualifying. The video component is kind of like a tour through vintage movie-openings, and I thought it was fun.

Dantom Eeprom, "Thanks for Nothing" -- iTunes calls this electronica... I call it confusing. But if it's your style, then awesome!

Banda de Touristas, "Lo Comandas" -- I like this one a lot actually. It has kind of an indie vibe. I really wanted to find the lyrics to see if I could translate enough to figure out what it's about... but alas, even though I knew that "letra" is "lyrics" in Spanish, I couldn't find them transcribed. If anyone can help me with that, that would be cool.

Last but not least, there's the pilot for the show Sons of Tucsan. Its a new Fox series about three brothers who hire a dude to act like their dad while their real dad is in prison. It actually looks pretty entertaining in a precocious preteen kind of way. Which isn't surprising, seeing that Wikipedia claims that Justin Berfield (aka, Reese of Malcom in the Middle) is one of the executive producers.

The pilot episodes of Parenthood and internet-favorite The Guild are also still available.

Enjoy the downloads! And I just can't resist... if you haven't already seen this you should.

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