Links to my favorite Losties... aka, another dose of Lost CRACK

Just in case you haven't yet gotten your fill of Lost, here are links to some of my favorite recaps and commentaries. :)

Chris Kirkman @ Hobo Trashcan
(Chris makes Doc Jensen look like a wannabe hack.)

Anne @ Green Jello

Emily @ EverydayMOM

Shannon @ Rocks in My Dryer

Lost Blogging Collective @ Stream of Consciousness

Kisatrtle's Kreative Korner

No matter how cool you think they are though, you have to promise to keep liking me too, k?? 'Cuz I'm insecure like that.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for putting me on your list! I was just coming by here to look up your other links and I didn't even realize I was on there!


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