LOST: Dr. Linus... Redemption for Ben, answers from Richard, and a theory about Napoleon!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I found this episode REALLY satisfying. Actually, usually when I love an episode everybody else hates it, so, um, opinions anyone?

But yeah, I loved the opening, with Dr. Linus discussing Napoleon exile on the island of Elba, and his struggle to reconcile himself to life without power... it was a beautiful parallel for Linus' struggles in the island reality. I loved seeing the LA Linus interacting with Roger, Alex, and Locke, and, oh my GOSH, it was a huge aHA! moment for me when Roger mentioned the Dharma initiative!! Besides the opening shot of the Dharma village underwater at the beginning of the season, there hadn't been any real clues thus far regarding to what extent it had actually existed in this reality... now we have more of an indication! Why do you think the two of them left? And Horace and Ben seemed to have a very caring relationship in the LA reality, which was also refreshing.

And it just got better from there! Lots of suspense culminating to a really emotionally satisfying reveal about Ben's continuing grief and guilt over Alex -- he almost had me crying when he said that Locke was the only one who would have him now. After the long darkness of the last episode, I was really ready for the hopeful notes we found in this one, and for the redemption of Ben's character.

The interactions with Richard were also great; he's finally becoming less of an enigma and more of a person. His bitterness over Jacob's betrayal (by dying, when Richard himself cannot?) leading to Jack's sudden faith in Jacob's Plan felt very real... Though Jack seems to have a death wish himself lately, what with all the pills he's been swallowing and dynamite he's been lighting. Also, isn't it pretty clear now that Richard did indeed arrive on the Black Rock? I'm guessing it was a prisoner transport. Or, in a somewhat more gruesome/complicated twist, that he was a slaver whose ship crashed; his prisoners escaped and left him chained in his own hold, and he was freed by Jacob to redeem himself from the evil life he used to lead.

We also had some more discussion about the candidates: Ilana affirmed that the idea is indeed to find "candidates to replace Jacob." She also says that there are six left. Any guesses on who? I'm guessing: 1) Jack, 2) Sawyer, 3), Kate, 4) Jin, 5) Sun, 6) Hurley. On the forums people are also guessing Miles, Lapidus, Claire, and Sayid. However, Claire and Sayid seem pretty committed to the dark side to me, and Jacob didn't try to get Miles out of the temple before the massacre... I suppose if the six was the Oceanic 6 then Lapidus might be a candidate too, especially if he was originally meant to be the pilot of the plane. Thoughts? EDIT: Oh crap, what if Ben is still a candidate and the whole thing with Ilana was a really elaborate test?? Bahaha that'd be great. The only problem being, of course, that I think his name was already crossed out in the cave.

Now that I've had a chance to do a little more thinking, were the Napoleon references also supposed to be a parallel for Smokey's story? Exiled to the island... Pseudo-Locke claimed that that was his situation an episode or two ago. Struggling to get off the island and regain power is also exactly what Smoky is trying to do right now. He claimed that he was formerly a man; it would be FABULOUS if he turned out to be the spirit of Napoleon. ;P

What have I missed?? There was so much this episode that I know there's something... Oh, the return of WIDMORE!! I can't even begin to speculate on what all that implies, but I assume his was the arrival Jacob told Hurley about at the lighthouse. I need theories and opinions, STAT!! :)


  1. I agree that the Oceanic 6 are probably the 6 candidates. It was weird that sideways Ben is a sympathetic character where island Ben certainly isn't.

    I'm glad we FINALLY got some background on Richard. Even the actor said that he made up his own background because the producer's wouldn't tell him. Then he's get the next script and everything he came up with was completely wrong.

  2. I loved it too. I kept waiting to hate it...no. Love the new Jack. Widmore! Please let Desmond be on that sub.

  3. I think you meant Roger (the father) when you said Horace :)

  4. Great thoughts... loved last night, too... Will have my post up later today.

    Roger was the name of Ben's father... Horace is Ethan's father. =] I couldn't believe it when I saw him on oxygen and he mentioned Dharma! That was a great moment.

    Didn't Reynolds look familiar though?? I'm still trying to figure out if I knew him from somewhere.

  5. Haha, I did indeed have my Dharma-Dads mixed up, thanks for straightening me out! And Reynolds totally looked familiar, that was driving me crazy too. If you think of it let me know!

  6. The guy that played Reynolds is the guy that let all the ghosts loose in Ghostbusters. He's been in a lot of other things, but I think that's what he's most well known for.

  7. 'Reynolds' is also the surname of one of Jacob's candidates. ("The Substitute")
    What the WHAT!!!? I copied that from the lostpedia site. After your questions about seeing him before I looked there. I just don't know what to do with that.

  8. My guess is that Ben and Roger left the island when Miles' father evacuated it right before Juliet detonated the bomb. Since this seems to be a concurrent reality, not an alternate reality, it seems like this would have still happened. (Not sure if concurrent reality is the right way to put it, but the closest I can get).

    We know Kate isn't a candidate, and only one of the Kwons is, so I'm guessing the candidates are Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid, Jin and Claire. After all, we see these names on the wheel and in the cave, so it seems like they can be candidates for either at this point.

    I love how this show makes my head spin.

  9. Reynolds was also the reporter in the Die Hard Movies.

  10. reformedgrits@bellsouth.netMarch 11, 2010 at 11:10 AM

    One interesting "thought..."
    In the old timeline, Ben "gassed" his dad to kill him. In the LA timeline, he's providing him lovingly with oxygen (gas) to keep him living. Just a bit of irony.
    Also, do we know for sure all the candidates are on the island right now??? I wondered just because I'm guessing the Kwan's daughter is a "Kwan" too... could she be a candidate? Was "Littleton" crossed off too? What about Aaron? My ignorance may be showing...


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